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Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by ChrisKH, 2 May 2008.

  1. ChrisKH

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    Not me but a colleague at work has horrendous brake squeal on his rear brakes. I told him last week to clean his bike, rims, etc. He's still got the problem so I take a look at it today and the whole back wheel is covered in gunk, etc. as he does a 10 mile commute through the city and it has been raining a lot this week. Anyhow, cleaned it up and not resolved. I asked him what he cleaned it with, and it would seem he used some form of lubricant. He said this worked at first (!) but then the squeal come back. I'm fairly certain the pads will be contaminated and will need replacing. Is this a reasonable conclusion? I see Mickle said this for the same problem on a different post.
  2. fossyant

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    South Manchester
    Change the angle of the pad slightly - they are supposed to toe in I think !
  3. Smokin Joe

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    Toeing the blocks in is a waste of time. Within 50 miles they will be hitting the rim dead square however much toeing you do.
  4. gbb

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    I had this on the wifes old hybrid. The blocks were in good condition, but no matter how many adjustments i made, toe in, toe out, up, down, in , out, clean the rims....:smile: it just never made much difference.

    I was all set for buying some better quality blocks..she decided she wanted a new bike. Problem solved :biggrin:

    Seriously though (and i was being), i'd get him / her to invest in some better blocks as a first option if he cant adjust the squeak out.
  5. briank

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    Not been my experience when I tried toeing the blocks in slightly on a mountain bike. The whole mechanism simply twisted slightly under load to press the block against the rim and the block wore fairly normally - and the squeal was much reduced.

    That said, I'd try replacing the brake blocks with better ones as well.

    Or follow the axample of gbb's missus:smile:
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