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Both, IMO. :smile:


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Depends on how far your commute is. If it is only a few miles then you will probably be fine eating after you get to work. 10-15 miles and you may need something before you leave to keep you going at full steam ahead. More than 15 and definately both.


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Glass of orange juice and my daily vitamins before I set off on my 10 miles, then Weetabix and tea when I get in.

I'd get too windy and get a stitch if I ate before I hit the road.
Both, definitely! Porridge and coffee before, honey sandwich after. Yum!


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BentMikey said:
You don't really take vitamin supplements do you? That might not be the best plan of action in the light of recent research.

don't worry. give it a year or two and "recent research" will tell is it's ok to take vitamins again. haven't you noticed how a lot of research, especially nutritional that gets into popular press, cyclically contradicts itself?


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At best they're just an expensive way to turn your urine yellow. Do you really believe supplements are a good thing? With anything you can probably pick and choose whatever you want, unless you think a little deeper and look at the broad consensus.
Whatever suits you, really.
I'd rather cycle on an empty stomach for 20-30 mins than on a full stomach. I shower and have brekkie at work (yoghurt and bran flakes) then a smoothie for lunch, and something a bit more substantial in the evening, if I can be bothered to make it.
But whatever you choose, don't skip breakfast completely.


The 15 mile commute is done on a bowl of muelsi (Dorset Cereal) and honey. The 45 mile Sunday ride is done dry and empty with coffee, toast and jam after.

I just can't see how you lot eat as much as you do? If I ate what you did I'd have trouble getting out the door. :smile:

Lucky buggers :ohmy:
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