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I'm currently doing a project on a redesign of cycling helmets at my university. My supervisor, who cycles everywhere, says he will only ever wear a helmet when he commutes to and from college. His reason: the helmet is far too bulky and awkward to carry around, especially when he's down the pub!

On the subject of helmet usage, I would love to hear what everyone here has to say, and would really appreciate it if you could take a few spare moments to complete a very brief survey that I have prepared for my project.

Here is the link:

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The question about which things were important is slightly odd - I interpreted 'size' as meaning if it is the right size for my head (and this is therefore linked with comfort and with protection - it won't protect you if it is the wrong size).

If (as I suspect, having read the OP again) it means 'size when carrying it around', then that needs to be made clearer in the survey. Just a thought.

I don't see how you could make them much less bulky - just look at the size of motorcycle helmets!


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Thanks everyone, really sorry for putting this topic in the wrong place. I obviously didn't look through the forum hard enough...

Size refers to physical size, so yes perhaps I should have made it clearer. There are already some folding helmets on the market. One of my designs takes this concept and develops it further.
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