Bristol & Bath Path

My wife and I did the ride last week and it was a fantastic experience. :smile:

We drove to Bath from Bournemouth in the morning, parked the car at a pre-booked guess house and we set off for the day. Along the way we had coffees and a bite to eat at the two cafes we saw. The weather was perfect for cycling, sunny but not too hot. The root is flat and perfect to bring young riders along, 16 ml long, we cycled to the center of Bristol for a quick view. The way back was just enjoyable but this time the path was very busy with commuters heading home, we were in no rush so we stopped whenever we felt we needed a coffee and a bite to eat.... good job we had those with us as the cafes were closed on our way back :smile: We were back at the Guess House by 7pm... 34mls in all.

We are planning to do it again with our grandchildren but not fully as they are too young for the full ride.

We are looking for similar rides within 3 hours drive from Bournemouth... suggestions are welcome :smile:
Welcome to the county, well counties. I don't blame you for keeping your stay in Bristol centre "quick" and taking your time on the path! I expect one of the cafes you stopped at was at warmly which I am a fan off too. When I used to do it for leisure with my wife we would lock our bikes up at Morrison's at Fishponds and use the conveniences there. Did you use the sculpture water fountain near oldland common?


There's the Strawberry line between Cheddar and Yatton (10-11 miles long). A really nice route along the old railway with just a couple of short on-road sections. Lots of good cafes on route and in Cheddar Gorge (I'd recommend Cafe Gorge!), and the Railway Inn in Sandford (just a couple of hundered yards off the route) is a fantastic pub owned by Thatchers Cider (the cycle path goes right through some of the Thatchers apple orchards). We used to ride the route with our kids a lot when they were younger and they loved it. More info here -
Spoked Wheels
I expect one of the cafes you stopped at was at warmly
Yes, it was our first stop, very nice. We saw a train departured in the same direction we were coming from, behind the train there was an old train that had a sign that read "Manchester - Bournemouth" :smile: it brought memories of the time I worked in the Manchester area ( Warrington and Wilmslow) 4 years commuting weekly from Bournemouth although it was faster via London :smile:

Did you visit the old railway station with the old coaches and locos?
Warmly? If not the one you mean then no, we didn't visit it.... next time :smile:

There's the Strawberry line between Cheddar and Yatton (10-11 miles long).
Sounds good, thank you :smile:

Dorchester to Weymouth and back. Pretty good route on bike paths.
Sounds familiar, Thank you... I will find out more about it.

Next time you can go the other way along the K&A canal to Bradford on Avon.
I'll find out more about it, thanks :smile:
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