bristol city council have gone grit mad!!.....


I understand a few weeks ago there was an accident on the Bristol-Bath cycle track and this appears to have resulted in salted grit being deposited in abundance everyday since. Whils't not wanting to moan this is surely an exercise more to keep BCC safe from insurance claims...yes lets have some grit/salt when there is ice (which is not that hard to predict) but there is so much of the damn stuff that it must surely be playing havic with my brakes/rims/drivetrain. I look forward to the warmer weather (just around the corner hopefully) and those pleasant spring days when all thoughts of snow and grit will have disappeared.....


Fast and careful!
The dust from the grit gets into over shoes and I then walk it straight over the dark blue carpet at work leaving foot prints light a yeti through the building,
I try to remove foot wear etc at the door now!


What’s the point
maybe BoJo could go to Bristol on a "fact finding " mission and arrange for the segregated bits of CS2 between bow and Stratford to get

1) cleaned of the detritus accumulating
2) Grit/salt put on it when it is icy
3) rebuilt properly so they don't resemble a duck pond after a mild downpour.

TfL cocked the last one up so I don't really hold much hope for the 1st 2 . I got sick of the merry go round between newham and TfL over who is responsible for the management and cleaning of them.

Oh how I look forward to the new segregated CS2 from Bow to Aldgate ( apart from the bit where the market traders made a representation over loss of facilities )

easiest solution would have been to make the bus lane wider and make the operation 24 Hrs instead of supposed peak times.
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