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Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by g00se, 9 Apr 2010.

  1. g00se

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    Odd question but... I'm after cheap 16-20 inch wheels to build a kid's go-cart/buggy (heavy duty, off-roader to cart 4 around on at a music festival).

    Now, we have access to a proper engineer and tools so we can fabricate axles etc but obviously it'll be easier to get pre-made wheels, remove the axles and then fit them onto the new ones.

    We don't want to spend a fortune on BMX wheels, crappy BSO wheels will be fine - but where to get them?

    Found a Chinese manufacturer, but they have a minimum order of 10,000! :evil:

    Can't seem to find old kids bikes on tips any more... Any idea's welcome...
  2. snailracer

    snailracer Über Member

    You can buy cart/wheel barrow-type wheels from farm machinery shops, garden centres, electromechanical service shops and proper hardware stores. These are generally moulded wheels with proper pneumatic tyres and are considerably stronger than spoked bicycle wheels against the side forces you would get on a cart. The tyres are typically really wide doughnuts which I would imagine would be better than bike tyres over rough ground.
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