Building a shed?


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Has anyone on here built a shed or workshop themselves before? Is it more cost effective than buying one?

Looking at building a 10x6 or 12x6 this year, my current one has started to rot,is now sinking on one side and also leaking, can't complain as it was here when we moved in over 12 years ago.

Any tips, if you have done it before, what was the approx cost, etc?

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I built a 12 x 8 totally over engineered as is my way, about £1000. It does not move.

Going up with another one this year as well, this time it will be block built and rendered 18x 8 again I expect around £2,000. Maybe a tad more as I will get carried away with things.


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I acquired a new 12 x 8 shed in kit form fifteen years ago. It was substantial, and saved a whole lot of hassle. I laid a new base for it using recycled paving slabs. I spent some time researching DIY options and decided that by the time I'd got the timber, fixtures and fittings together and tooled up for lots of carpentry, the kit version was a no brainer. I can't recall the price.

Hope that helps


Wood is very expensive..
you could use fencing lap and fencing timber as its treated and easy to work with.
try a fencing supply place for rough pricing .
it will be a bit of work and unless your a decent diy er it may look like a shanty shed?

sheds are a You get what you pay for items..
good shed will sett you back a good few hundred but it will be neat and usually put up in a hr or 2.
lots of good shed suppliers will supply and build it ,you will need a slab base at least tho.



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You can build a far better quality shed for the same price as a kit one - it's just whether you want to spend the time to do it.

If timber use 50mmx50mm sawn instead of the weaker 38mmx38mm kit shed use.

Use Shiplap cladding instead of the poor feather edge used by many shed manufacturers.

Use Polycarbonate for the roof instead of board and felt. Huge amounts of daylight!


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I agree that it is cheaper to buy in kit form, just for me it was not substantial enough, and I like big projects, the house we are in now I built 7 years ago.
Mine is substantial with 12mm lapped board cladding and internally battened with 3"x2" battens. I bought mine from a place in Thurso and shipping cost £70 - which covered two sheds because a friend down the street bought one too.


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Sounds a good one Vern, mine is slightly different. First I needed the floor off of the ground so I planted 10 or maybe more 6x6 x 10ft uprights into the ground and started building from a foot up on them, putting the whole lot on stilts, floor and roof are are thick marine ply and the walls pressure treated shiplap, then the interior wrapped and the walls lined again with ply. If I was not something I enjoyed doing I would have brought a kit.


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I bought a ready made shed and i intend to make an internal wall out of chipboard/plywood etc over the internal batons at some point to make it slightly more sturdy.


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Have a look in your local DIY store, sometimes they sell sheds off because of damage, buy a couple (if you can the same 1's the better) then join them together.


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I'm putting this thread on 'watch' as our shed is coming away from it's base, there is a gap of about 5" at the back on the left hand side but only an inch at the front. In the spring we are going to take the roof and walls away and then put it all back together again. All shed advise will be noted :thumbsup:
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