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I often dream that I need the loo, and when I finally find a public convenience it is covered wall to ceiling in faeces. I get very dirty using it, and then it becomes outdoors and everyone is standing around watching me. It's probably anxiety?


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It's a bit of a plague pit in our house at the moment, so we are sleeping in separate beds. This morning I found myself in the rocks and cactus plants up above a canyon with bullets ricocheting off the rocks nearby, the sound echoing off the canyon walls. Turned out my wife was sneezing in very lady-like, high-pitched fashion in the other room. Didn't need translating, but amused me how sounds can be misinterpreted in your dreams and actually add to the plot.


This is from a few years ago now and a mixture between dream/nightmare and night nurses paralysis.

So it would normally start as I became self-aware that I had roused from a deep sleep but couldn't move my body despite ever increasingly desperate attempts to do so that could lead to some real damage once an episode had finished, as I fought so hard to try and get myself awake. Just at the point where I would almost come to terms with the fact that I would never be able to move, I would be attacked by some sort of creature and swung round the room by my ankles. Gave Mrs Slick a bit of a fright more than once as I screamed for help in my sleep, which actually translated as some sort of groaning noises to her. I actually did a bit of damage to my teeth, as I tried so hard to fight it and these episodes would often come with feelings that all my teeth were crumbling. I did get a mouth guard eventually, but most of the damage was done by that time.

I assume stress or anxiety would be most peoples prognosis, but they are things I've never had an issue with.
Moon bunny

Moon bunny

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I often dream that I need the loo, and when I finally find a public convenience it is covered wall to ceiling in faeces. I get very dirty using it, and then it becomes outdoors and everyone is standing around watching me. It's probably anxiety?

You want to rebel against the convention of using toilets, which to you are dirty places. Unfortunately the law in most countries is a bit strict about wild motion-passing, so you will just have to grit your teeth and bear it.


Despite having retired near on 7 years ago I still keep dreaming that I'm at work.

I wonder how many retired people dream about work? Quite a lot, I would imagine. I've technically been retired for 6 years but did some bank shifts for a few years. I stopped doing that shortly before COVID hit, which was fortunate in a way. I occasionally dream about work, usually involving some carp that management had dreamed up which made the job more difficult. I've got to the stage that it occurs to me during the dream that I've retired, and I can say, "Hey! I don't have to put with this any more!" and I usually wake up about then, feeling great. This has happened several times, and the good feeling has usually lasted for quite some time after I woke up.


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I wonder how many retired people dream about work?

Weirdly, I sometimes dream about work colleagues but we're never at work. I also still dream about University and I left 23 years ago. It was usually about being late for a lecture or having to hand an assignment in and not being able to find it.


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One fairly obvious one, where I was suddenly expected to give a business presentation which I'd not prepared for and had no idea what to say. I'd retired nearly a year previously ! Basically the "not done homework" dream

The last few years of my role was giving rather content free updates to the client, and it always stressed me out. To be fair the purpose was a forum for them to raise issues each month rather than them turning round after six months to say they were not paying because of such and such. Earlier in my career the presentations were more about proposals on technical stuff with a bit more substance. I was better at that

A very odd one was a dream where I was standing in my bedroom and my partner (now wife) was in bed, then I saw there was a bloke beside her. "Hang on a minute, what's this?" I thought, naturally enough, then the guy sat up - and it was me staring back at me. I then thought "I must be dead" looking at my body, despite him just having moved, but the "out of body" experience was very unsettling, and not something I've had before, or thankfully, since.


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My wife who has been dead now for just over 8 years is often with me and we are travelling by a variety of means from boats to camper vans in places which are never familiar to me. We are often at trade events and meet people we know from the past. Some are now dead but not all are.


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Waiting for a train to arrive, in a large station. Reminds me of no station I've been in. Receive not one, but two calls from a person who says he's going to crash a train in the station. Behind and to my left, there's a man in mid-brown hat(ten gallon?), brown leather jacket. Short black beard. I turn and tell him what I've just been told, after the second call.
Get the feeling that he's on the train that's going to be crashed, not operating signals somewhere which will cause the crash.

We've to change platforms due to a platform change. Cross over the tracks via an open metal bridge. Walking down, and away from the stairs, along the platform, my attention is drawn to a train approaching too fast. I remember thinking it's never going to be able to stop in time.
Very shortly after this it makes contact with a platform end. Exploding in a ball of fire.

A request goes out for anyone who saw what happened, possibly having caught any part of it on camera. I try to give the number of the person that phoned me before it happened. As well as what he said, but no-one is bothered about it.
I used to get occasional dreams where I was at home - I thought I was awake
There were other people - often family - around but after a while I realised that they were not acting like themselves

Being nice - but in the wrong way - or being critical but using the wrong type of language
just wrong
after a while I started to realise and then I would wake up

They than changed and I started being awake in my dreams and at home
so - for example I would get up and go to the loo
but after I woke up properly I would realise that the bathroom was the one in a different house and the entrance was where it was in yet another house
Could be any room - just a mix up of houses

when I realised properly those stopped as well!

Those last ones were quite useful actually because I had forgotten the layout and feel of some of the houses and it reminded me - although clearly I remembered somewhere in my head!

The one house that has never been included was the one I lived in with my ex!!!
(which says a lot!!!!)

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I often dream that I'm walking round my local cemetery and many of the dead/buried are having a kind of garden party. In this dream I get invited to this party, but spend lots of time in the dream (or so it seems) trying to get away, fearing it's a trap. Even my dear departed parents try and talk me into joining them, though my parents are dressed 'normally', while the others are in coffin shrouds. I never get dragged in physically, though getting away is like a slow motion action, where I'm trying to run, but it's like running in deep mud or sand. 🤔
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