buying a carbon frame..what is ud


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It means unidirectional

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My pave is UD, rides nicely, then I've no other carbon to compare it to (I'd say the Steelie is more comfortable on SW London and Surrey roads)


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The UD you will see referred to on frames, wheels etc. is quite often just the top layer, so just cosmetic. It is not a weaved look it is a flat look. Your other options are matt or gloss weaved finishes the K refers to the size of the strands (bundles) of carbon fibre. I have had gloss and matt 3K weave frames.

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As above its just the cosmetic look, often it has cloudy bits in it from the bonding process or whatever i personally thing 3k looke better


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I believe the weave underneath has a slight effect on stiffness although I suspect you would be hard pressed to be able to id the k cf used in a frame other than what is visible. The layup is going to be more influential in terms of ride characteristics as is the geometry and shape off the frame. A large BB shell and chain stays will stiffen a frame. Aerofoil shaped seatpost downtubes seatstays etc will make the frame more aero. The top end sellers talk a lot about how their frames use certain layup procedures which cheaper open mould frames make no claims on. Would you notice it riding as a hobby, amateur racer, tt'er, probably not much.


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The frame I have been informed is made from all ud weave, is this then a weaker strength?


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I thought UD was the structural method for building up frames . Matting used for the top lay up and UD for the structure .
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