C Ya Later alligators!! I'm leaving in the morning..

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...I'm off on tour tomorrow morning. It's my first tour so i am going to take it easy and spend time riding all over east anglia. I have a full touring camping load. I know B&B's are available but I dont have much cash, and I also am using this as a practice tour for bigger and better things to come. ...as well as losing a few more pounds I hope to gain a load of experience.

Weather forcast for the weekend is 100% Cr%p...oh well...it wouldn't be a proper English tour if it wasn't I suppose.:ohmy:

I think the load is a little heavier than I would like as well...but I am at a loss as to what to leave behind....so if anybody feels like following me up a few hills they'll be sure to pick up a few ditched bargains as I chuck stuff out on the way up cursing and huffing, cussing and puffing...:ohmy:!

Ok...so...I'll post again in a couple of weeks if I survive:biggrin:

If anybody is up that way and sees a big guy on a loaded bike with bright orange panniers...chances are that'll be me so say hello if you like!

Adios amigos


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Bigtallfatbloke said:
...riding all over east anglia. ...

... up a few hills

Are the two not mutually exclusive? :ohmy:

Have fun! My first tour was from York to Happisburgh, so although I haven't ridden in East Anglia since, it has happy memories for me. Just remember, if you're going east, stop when you get to the edge!

Wobbly John

If the weather picks up next week I might have another pootle round North Norfolk. I'll keep an eye out for you.

Good luck


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Have fun BTFB!! Remember, things have to go wrong now and then, that's what makes it an adventure :ohmy:


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G'luck dood.


btfb ,,hope you have a brilliant time,you might be in luck with the weather,sure hope so,,take it easy and enjoy the craic,,


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...well I am back! Got in last night. This was a real 'adventure' for me....including some really crap weather, some excellent weather, camp sites, a hostel, a b&b, and wild camps on the beach, free meals, rip off lbs, Irish catholic invasion, you name it I had it....(except any major bike damage). My longest day in the saddle was yesterday when I clocked 146km in ten hours with the full load and the wind against me (as always!)...so I am knackered at the moment! I will post up some more info and some pics asap....got to get unpacked and sleep a bit first.
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