Cadel Evans

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Am I alone in hoping that Cadel Evans doesn't win the TdF? I don't mind who wins really, I'm not a one man fan, but he hasn't done anything to deserve it. Just TT'ed fairly well and wheel-sucked the rest of the course. If he wins without attacking or doing something then it will be a bit of an injustice.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
There's still a long way to go Chuffy, but I see what you mean!!


On the road again
"wheel-sucked"!! I'm not really a fan of Cadel's but I think that's harsh. He doesn't have much of a team around him so he's left to fend for himself as best he can. Besides, he did try and put the hammer down on a couple of occasions a few days back.
you could say the same for Kloden, he's not much of an attacker.

Cadel certainly earned the pink in the Giro a few years back and fought valiantly to keep it (in vain).

for someone without a team, he's riding very well to be up there. he'll not attack if there's little chance of doing some damage and when others have team-mates, that's often.

i reckon he'll up the pace in the next few days.



And he certainly did....

Though he's still got a fighting chance but looks still slightish and I think thats what Chuffs is seeing..?

Rasmussen is looking strong - what happens after this I don't know tom.s a several col stage and simply can't see the top five going for it again ?

Maybe a break with someone who's in the latter 10 and Rabo will have to pay to get help to get em back, maybe ????????


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Evans has always given me the impression that he's on the limit when in lead groups on the big climbs, he's not looked any different from say, two years ago.

Rasmussen and Contador found Evans's limit today, and if the same happens tomorrow, the little Aussie's only chance of overall victory is if the two climbers have at least one jour sans or crash right out...


I'd have given Evans some credit if he'd attacked today but, as Spesh said, Rasmussen and Contador found him out. I'd expect them to try and do more damage tomorrow and drop Evans from the top three. Rasmussen has got to try and drop Contador at some point though and that's going to be a bit tricky...

Smokin Joe

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What about Wegelius? Rode brilliantly today and is moving up the GC, we could well have a future podium finisher here.


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Indurain - 5 tdfs in a row. Very similar tactics to Evans apart from building up an advantage early on. He just crushed folk's hopes by snuffing out any meaningful attacks - an awesome display of power and control if boring to watch. Still in a 3 week race it's a completely acceptable and impressive way to win (IMO obviously!).

Evans has been found out though - limit reached in both sets of mountains. in fact I wondered if he was a little foolish to be so honest after the stage where Moreau kept attacking, by saying pretty much that he only just managed to hang on. What's the thoughts on that?

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
I don't think his confession will have come as a great suprise to any of his rivals.

Afterall, they would have seen his face and body language on the bike!

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I agree with that Tim, all of the riders will know more or less what the other ones are up to and how they feel. Even just watching on TV you can easily spot some riders when they are in trouble!!!!!!!!!


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He may not be an exciting rider, but consistancy is a massive virtue in stage racing. I wish him well, and not just because I've got the same surname.

I don't want Rasmussen to win as I belive the current controversy over his missed drugs tests will be damaging to the sport. My fingers are crossed for Contador and Evans.
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