Cafes you like

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See it's so much nicer here.

OK well Hallaton's my favourite. I've been to other good ones though: the Rural Centre at Wiston Leics (also CTC); the Cheese Farm, which is this bizarre place outside Newcastle - even more bizarre when you have a big hangover like I had the time I went there; and the Hemmel in Allenheads.


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Pete's Eats in Llanberis

"Sugar and Spice" in Arbroath is good, though a bit more Twee Restaurant than proper cafe; does a brilliant Arbroath Smokie Lunch so worth putting up with the Twee-ness.

Carringtons Deli in Old Amersham has a good cafe in back, which is popular with the local DA.


Cafes which have now gone:
Kinnell's, Victoria Street, Edinburgh
Rhind's in Tain

There's a nice cafe on Marchmont Road which has a pile of road bikes outside it on sat/sun mornings.


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Oxford Farm tearoom, near Berwick-upon-Tweed. Enormous pots of tea and great scones.

When it's open, the Honey Farm Bus Cafe, also near Berwick. It's a cafe, in a bus, on a honey farm.. Lovely homeade cakes.

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The Waterfront in Benson, South Oxfordshire. Halfway into a 100 mile route from my front door.

Jenners at Boulters Lock, north of Maidenhead.


It's more of a truck stop than a cafe, but it has a great name:
Ye May Gang Faur and Fare Waur
at Stracathro. Good clootie dumpling and custard. Bad for salad.


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I generally prefer 'pub' to 'café', but I had a nice continental breakfast with a delicious sticky pastry for breakfast at Le Cafe Parisien in Lyndhurst in the New Forest the other week.

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On a slight tangent from the other thread, and thanks to Kirstie for the idea, where are your favourite cafes?

There are a couple of good ones just up from the bridge at Stourport on Severn. On one side you have a nice greasy spoon, and on the other more of a teashop. Both are great, depending on your mood and the company.

Yeah I know the "greasy spoon" one - it's not that greasy just a bit formica really. But where is the other one? Is it open on Sundays (in the winter)?

One of my favourite cafes is at How Caple. Nice courtyard to sit in when the weather is good and some excellent carrot cake. Then there is a good one in Winchcombe. Cream Tea if one is feeling a bit excessive.......
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