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I have been away a while and promised to post an update for the soapbox regulars

Mrs A gave birth to a perfect, healthy baby boy, 10 Ib 10 oz ( by c-section before you all wince) on 10th August 12.44 pm...our first-and only!- child

The whole experience has been mind-warping...a few of you may remember our little story.... how 'er indoors was diagnosed infertile, how we never wanted..or even liked-kids...- until we discovered she was 5 months gone..then we reversed our whole attitude to embrace fortune...ahhhh

I dont think any description can convey the emotion, relief and joy when he was put in my arms for the first time and i showed the Mrs across the operating table...I hav'nt blubbed like that in years!:ohmy:
As babies go he seems no bother, only cries when hes hungry, or full of wind or needs a bit of nursing, sleeps for 2-3 here i am walking round the room gazing in rapture into his eyes talking gobblegook-nonsense and loving it
The only slight hitch is that he is so big (-not fat) and greedy that the missus cant satisy him with breast milk alone and has to supplement with ( hawk, spit) formula milk
We called him James (although i have been reading Endgame vol 2 and Luke was almost our first choice :blush:)
..And now i have 2 weeks paternety leave from work coming up shortly to relieve these few days of re-enforced wage slavery...weh-hey:biggrin::biggrin:

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Gary Askwith said:
Mrs A gave birth to a perfect, healthy baby boy, 10 Ib 10 oz
Sufferin' succotash!!!!! Congratulations. :blush:

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I smiled at the sheer happiness in your post. Congratulations, and good luck to the three of you.

John Ponting

I could never really grasp why people wanted children so much ... until we had a daughter after losing 2 on the way. Best day of my life.

Now she's 30 and I REALLY cannot grasp why people want children ... but 3 grandsons are a delight.

Best wishes to the three of you.


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Oh, well done, all of you!:ohmy:

I'm still getting over new-auntieship, and that's amazing enough, and I haven't met the little chap yet, so I can barely imagine how happy you are!

Everytime my sister rings, she talks about poo. Apparently this is a prime topic for new Mums...:blush:

Enjoy your paternity leave. You'll find out (apparently) that everything takes for ever to do (trip to the shops etc), so get used to that!


Gary Askwith said:
blah blah blah i have 2 weeks paternety leave from work coming up shortly blah blah blah
I've long been of the opinion that paternity leave should be banned. Why do YOU need time off, you're not the one that's pregnant! :blush:
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