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Those of you who keep their bikes clean and commute every day, how often do you clean them?
As I've turned over a new leaf, and now have a new, shiny leaf to keep clean, do I clean after every wet ride, or is once a week good enough?


Tattooed Beat Messiah
For a weeks commute, once a week at the weekend. For a wet ride a quick rag down when I get to work or get home including a wipe of the chain.
Once a month at least, the bike is stripped for a deep clean, regrease and relube. That includes rear cassette and chain off.


Ride It Like You Stole It!
South Manchester
Wet rides I wash the bike down with soap and water and lube and wipe chain and gears (on fixed mainly). In winter this can be every day. Only takes 15 mins.

Dry weeks it will be a mid week wipe down. Wash when dirty.

I regularly use Mr Sheen which stops the dirt sticking.

This week the bike will have been washed down twice.

No major strip downs needed with a fixed as I keep the drive clean. When I use gears its usually winter and an off road route so gears get cleaned after each day.


Flouncing Nobber
One a week. Well, due to my shift pattern that's every 9 days. Fully clean, lube and adjust as required. Every 4th of 5th wash it gets a wax too.

Hip Priest

The road bike gets cleaned and lubed after every ride, except in summer when it's bone dry.

The commuter bike gets cleaned whenever the chain goes orange or the accumulated gunk on the jockey wheels starts to cause problems.


Long distance commuters and those with rim brakes and mudguard-less bikes will do it more often.

I do weekly clean and lube. Tyres pumped up every two weeks.

strip and grease as and when required or April (once I know no more gritting)
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