Cambridge road ride

Just posting to gauge interest to see if anyone would be up for a figure of 8(ish) through Cambs and the surrounding area in early September?

I was thinking of a Central Cambridge meet (kings parade)

Outbound loop towards Saffron Walden/Newmarket and back to Cambridge and then a loop out to the west of about the same distance. I suppose the whole ride would be around 100 miles, but by coming back through Cambridge people can leave the ride half way if they wanted to. A tea stop on both loops.
Average speed around 13/14mph.....

Any takers?
Dave 123

Dave 123

Looks like I'm on my own as per usual......


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I'm away the first weekend, busy the 3rd and probably the 4th and not sure about the 2nd. So I can't really commit myself yet! It would be good to meet some of the other local CCers though.
I tell you if the date is good for me I will do it!
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