Campagnolo 10-speed shifter with 9-speed rear derailleur - will it work?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by ColinJ, 31 Oct 2017.

  1. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I bought some 10-speed Campagnolo shifters from somebody on the forum a couple of years ago and now want to put them on my old Basso to convert it to 10-speed. It was 9-speed up until last autumn when I took it out of service . I removed the worn-out Ergopower controls from that bike, scrapped the shifter parts, and used just the brake levers on my singlespeed bike project last autumn.

    I was going to buy a 10-speed rear mech for the Basso but wondered whether the cable pull of the 10-speed shifter will be compatible with the old 9-speed mech? I could try it to find out but it is quicker to ask here! :laugh:
  2. Yellow Saddle

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    Loch side.
    Yes it is. But worn-out Campag 9-speed shifters are quite easy to overhaul and get clicking again. All it needs are a few, readily-available small parts. Don't chuck them.
  3. 9s / 10s lever / mech compatibility ... it depends on the 9s RD.

    If it's pre 2001, then no, 10s levers won't correctly index it to a 10s cassette. It's close but not right.
    Post 2001, no problem.

    To distinguish - the pre 2001 9s RDs have a "B-tension" screw where Shimano put it, at the top pivot bolt. More recent ones, that will work with 10s, have the corresponding adjustment at the jockey cage (the "H" screw).

    @ Yellow Saddle ... 9s levers - depends on the type as to whether they can be rebuilt. Traditional-type ErgoPower style, with "full" ErgoPower function, yes. Escape-type, with 3 gears downshift but one-at-a-time upshift, no. The parts are no longer available as spares and it was always a bit of a lottery in any case, as one of the failure modes needed the body shell replacing as the thumb lever (lever 3) was integrated with it and it was damage to that lever that caused some of the shift issues in worn units.
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    Mine is the one where you replace the figure-9-shaped springs, two per unit, and die-cast spring carrier. My carriers were upgraded to the improved ones with the latest re-inforced post.

    I have about 10 of those springs in stock still, but no more carriers. I hope it is 5 left and 5 right springs. Are you telling me that they've stopped supply of those?
  5. OP

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I didn't chuck them - I simplified and recycled them ... (Yes - I do know that the front brake cable is a bit tight and that the chain is a bit slack! :okay:)

    Singlespeed Specialized Allez.jpg

    I serviced the RH 10-speed shifter on my Cannondale when it lost its indexing click. That works perfectly again.

    Oh well, thanks but I'm out of luck then - it is pre-2001. (I think it was 1999 or 2000 when I bought that groupset.)

    It gives me an excuse to buy a replacement mech. The old one was starting to get a bit 'floppy' though it still worked. I don't want to spend much so I will shop around on eBay and see what I can find.

    PS If anybody has a 10-speed or post-2001 9-speed Campagnolo medium cage rear derailleur available in good condition for under £20, I would be interested if I haven't already bought one elsewhere!
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