1. chriscross1966

    Single chainring on Campagnolo Record ultratorque carbon 5-arm cranks?

    Hi folks, thanks to Campy's usual "heck you, we're Campy!" attitude the Carbon 5-arms use a special set of bolts, the threads on the four normal arm bolts are M6x0.75 and the hidden arm bolt thread is M8x0.75 ... does anyone one make a set of bolts to go single-ring on these or am I going to...
  2. Sillyoldman

    Campagnolo power torque bearing installation

    The cartridge bearings have a red seal on one side and a translucent seal on the other. Does it matter which way round they go. In other words should the red seal face inboard or outboard or does it not matter? Thanks
  3. Johnymak

    Campagnolo C-Record Friction

    Looking at buying a pair of Campagnolo C-Record Friction gear levers Circa 85- 88 version Want them to run on a 8 speed Will they be ok Or will I get ghost shifting or skipping gears As these levers I believe are pre ghe synchro versions
  4. Paulus

    Campagnolo short cage rear mech and front mech.

    1970/80's Band on Front, and rear Campagnolo mechs. £20 Each, or both for £30, plus £5 postage to UK mainland
  5. Alongo

    Campagnolo Athena 11 speed shifters.

    Not much use , very good condition .£60.
  6. Paulus

    Campagnolo square taper double crankset. Now Sold.

    Brev Campagnolo 52/42 chain rings, 170 mill cranks, Campag. Crank bolts and screw in dust caps. £35 including postage to the uk mainland.
  7. Paulus

    Campagnolo double cable guide. NOW SOLD.

    A band on campag. cable guide. 28mill. £20 includes postage to UK.
  8. PHL67

    One being built with Campagnolo

    A very nice Peugeot frameset being built up with a full Campag group set. Hope to have done by end of August as others in queue first.
  9. winjim

    Campagnolo flat bar gearset

    Just checking before I get it all together, but would anybody be interested in some Campagnolo flat bar gearing? I've got two sets, shifters and front mechs are NOS / VGC, rear mechs used but fine. 10sp Veloce. Also some Athena skeleton brake calipers and a Shimano splined Campag spaced 10sp...
  10. winjim

    Campagnolo Athena Skeleton Brakes

    Single pivot rear, dual pivot front. Good condition although the pad holders are Lifeline branded replacements, not original. Pads as new. £40 posted.
  11. winjim

    Campagnolo 11sp jockey wheels BNIB

    Set of Campagnolo Chorus 11sp jockey wheels. Brand new in sealed box. £15 posted.
  12. Denis99

    Campagnolo Centaur 11 speed frontmech, rear mech and ergo shifters

    As per the title Campagnolo Centaur 11 speed components Silver ergo shifters in mint condition, no marks on the levers, hoods are excellent condition. £75 posted Silver braze on front mech, slight scratch mark on the upper arm £20 posted Silver medium cage rear mech, excellent condition...
  13. gareth01244

    Wanted campagnolo power torque crankset puller

    Anyone have a crank puller for campagnolo power torque cranks, doesn't have to be a campy one as several companies have made them. Thanks
  14. Kernow_T

    Sold - cassette

    Campagnolo Record cassette in excellent condition with c.250 miles' use *SOLD*
  15. Kernow_T

    BNIB: Campagnolo Comp One 11sp Carbon OverTorque Chainset 172.5 53/39 RRP£380 *£106>>£100>£96posted* *Blue tinge is protective stickers Price exc PayPal fees
  16. Johnymak

    Campagnolo levers

    Hi Can somebody tell me what campagnolo levers these are
  17. Johnymak

    Campagnolo 80.S chorus levers

    I'm looking to install these brake levers Either 80.S campag C RECORD or chorus I've allready drilled bars for the wire to run internally Can the wire be ran internally from these levers Many thanks in advance
  18. dennetti

    Problems with Campagnolo shifters

    Hi, I have tried many different types of Campagnolo shifter and keep breaking them. Either the gear-change paddles snap or the ratchets stop working. After a failure during a 200k audax yesterday, I have decided to give up on them as they are too fragile. Is it possible to replace them with any...
  19. chriscross1966

    Converting Campagnolo Record (carbon, Ultratorque, 5-arm) to 1x

    Anyone know if there's an easy way to convert the old-style 5-arm Carbon Record cranks to 1x? In order to reduce the Q-factor I can't just stick washers under the chainring as it will foul the frame (I'm putting it on a Brompton, so clearances when the rear frame folds forward are pretty...
  20. Proto

    Bike catalogue - Campagnolo, LOOK Cycles - free!

    Anyone want these? Having a clear out and thought someone might enjoy these. If not they are going in recycling. Campagnolo catalogue 2014 LOOK Cycles 2008 LOOK Cycles 2011
  21. chriscross1966

    Does anyone have an exploded diagram of a Campagnolo Victory rear derailleur

    Not fussed which one.... I did take photos before I stripped it, but I have subsequently lost the phone :-( I guess even one of a Triomphe would help, or a late Nuovo/Super Record (cos they're pretty similar). I would even be happy buying a tatty example to use for reference...
  22. Johnymak

    Campagnolo gear lever stripping

    Trying to figure out how to strip this campag gear lever to change the levers onto a different band Are there any videos or links to show how to strip it Thanks in advance
  23. Johnymak

    Campagnolo chainsets

    Hi all I'm building a fred pratt ( english) racing bike and looking at chainsets to fit . The bike is circa 64/5 I'm looking to do the biuld on campag and have 2 queries 1 . Can anybody give a list of campagnolo chainsets from this era 2 . I know chainsets come as doubles and triples...
  24. X

    Campagnolo Veloce dual pivot caliper brakes (eBay)

    Used set of Campagnolo Veloce front and rear brakes, selling due to now being surplus to requirements. Dual pivot calliper brakes for better braking action, and Shimano brake pads (which still have loads of rubber left in them, as shown in the pictures). These are circa 2010 Veloce (as far as...
  25. X

    Campagnolo Veloce 10 speed rear derailleur short cage

    Used Campagnolo Veloce 10 speed RD (short cage). My research tells me this is the circa 2009/2010 model (do correct me if I'm wrong). Selling as its now surplus to my requirements and clearing out unneeded parts at the end of the academic year. The movement of the cage is smooth as far as I can...
  26. DCLane

    No longer needed: Campagnolo 9 speed shifters

    I've picked up a Claud Butler Milano and both Campag Xenon shifters are seized :cursing: Does anyone have a pair of 9 speed Campagnolo shifters they'd like to sell?
  27. chriscross1966

    Single chainring bolts to suit Campagnolo Carbon Compact cranks

    They're an odd slightly narrower size. Easy to get double ring bolts for (And I have several sets), but I am building a bike up to suit a single ring and I'd like to use a Campy carbon compact I have kicking around... I could make some as I do have the kit, but don't fancy several evenings in...
  28. chriscross1966

    Single chainring bolts for Campagnolo Carbon Compact cranks

    Hi folks, wondering if this is a solved problem somewhere, but haven't been able to trace an answer so far... Basically the issue is I have several Campy carbon compact cranks I want to use for various projects, the issue is I generally only need single front chainrings rather than doubles...
  29. N

    Campagnolo 11 speed freehub with shimano 105?

    So I just picked up a great bike on the second hand market, but want to immediately change the wheels, partly as the ones it has are awful, and partly because I'm 15 stone! Seen a solid handbuilt set on the local facebook marketplace (32 spoke front and rear. Miche Primato hubs, Pacenti SL23...
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