1. chriscross1966

    Stripping and rebuilding Campagnolo Triomphe/Victory rear derailleurs...

    Has anyone had a Campy VIctory or Triomphe rear mech down as sfar as stripping the parallelogram down to component parts?... If so what's it like to get back together, how hard are the pins to push out and replace?.... ASking becasue I need a "leisure" Vic tory, but have only been able to find...
  2. tornadotony

    Campagnolo Scirocco G3 Rear wheel+cassette

    Has plenty of life left and runs perfectly true. There is a slight cut on rim (tyre lever?) but this does not affect anything. 12 -25 10 speed cassette Campag hub but I've been using it a turbo with a shimano set up and it works fine. £45+ post
  3. tornadotony

    Campagnolo Scirocco G3 Rear wheel+cassette

    Has plenty of life left and runs perfectly true. There is a slight cut on rim (tyre lever?) but this does not affect anything. 12 -25 10 speed cassette Campag hub but I've been using it a turbo with a shimano set up and it works fine. £45+ post
  4. KneesUp

    Repairing Campagnolo 'Brifters'

    I recently rediscovered, stored in a small cardboard box on top of a kitchen cupboard, a pair of Campagnolo brake lever/shifters I bought from here some time ago. The right lever does not work - I've never attached it to a bike, and I can't quite remember what @redfalo said was wrong with them...
  5. J

    FS Chas Roberts Clubman Compact Audax (Women's Specific) with Campagnolo Groupset

    Fs a lovely and very highly regarded Chas Roberts Clubman Compact Audax in original flamboyant blue livery. Built with women's specific geometry from a custom selection of high-end Columbus Nivacrom steel, the bike is extremely light and compliant for long day's in the saddle. The frame...
  6. woodbutcher

    Campagnolo bottom bracket

    What am l doing wrong...l bought a Campagnolo bottom bracket as per the photo Italian thread 115mm spindle, for my Centaur triple crank. To fit my Italian Veneto frame, except that it doesn't ! I can't get it to even begin to screw in. Is it possible that the frame thread is English and should...
  7. chriscross1966

    A medium or long jockey cage for a Campagnolo Triomphe/Victory S3

    I need a way of shifting (prefereably with indexing) across a 7-speed 11-28 at the back and a 15-tooth jump at the front .... I'd like to use a Victory or Triomphe S3 (not sure which cos it's been a while since I looked at it) that I have kicking around as it will fit in with the age/style of...
  8. woodbutcher

    Campagnolo Centaur triple

    Im interested to know what opinions there are on 50-40-30 chainrings. Do they have a legitimate place on a "vintage" bike or just for old blokes like me who need a bit more help to get up the steep bits ?:bicycle:
  9. Kernow_T

    Sold**Price drop** Campagnolo Mavic ED11 freehub 9/10/11sp

    Hardly used This is the Mavic Ed11 Road Freehub Body - Campagnolo. A genuine Mavic Freehub Body. Suitable for use all Mavic road hubs. £20 posted>>≥>>>>£15 Inc post and fees
  10. chriscross1966

    Old Campagnolo bottom bracket spanner/tool

    I've got an old separate axle Athena level bottom bracket I'm wanting to use... the Fixed cup has flats for which I have a suitable spanner... the adjustable side has half a dozen small holes.... does anyone know which tool it is... I did see the UT-BB100 listed somewhere and I'm glad I was...
  11. chriscross1966

    Using Campagnolo downtube shifters on thumb or bar-end mountsxq

    I've seen various videos tha texplain that you can use Shimano (and better still nice cheap SunRace and Sturmey) thumb and bar-end shifters as downtube shifters by adding in the cable-end holding washer (the one with the square hole and asort of bent tab on it) and bolting it to a downtube...
  12. chriscross1966

    White or Celeste hoods for 1st generation Campagnolo Ergo Shifters

    I know they won't be Campag ones, no matter what the branding on them says as they were only ever made by third party mnanufacturers, but if anyone has a set in decent condition... with the rest of the bike Celeste, white or shiny polished it seems a shame to have black hoods... oh and proper...
  13. DCLane

    SOLD Overshoes (Sm) and jersey (sm) both unused and £5 posted

    I’ve a number of parts and items of clothing available, collection from Dewsbury, WF12 (days/evenings/weekends) or Leeds city centre (Mon/Wed/Fri daytime) or I can post. Nalini lightweight overshoes, Small. Unused. £5 posted Nalini Matrix II s/s red jersey, Small. New. £5 posted
  14. ColinJ

    Campagnolo 10-speed shifter with 9-speed rear derailleur - will it work?

    I bought some 10-speed Campagnolo shifters from somebody on the forum a couple of years ago and now want to put them on my old Basso to convert it to 10-speed. It was 9-speed up until last autumn when I took it out of service . I removed the worn-out Ergopower controls from that bike, scrapped...
  15. berty bassett

    mixing groupsets

    hi i know this is frowned upon but is it possible nowadays to put a shimano/sram 11 speed cassette onto a campag athena 11 speed set up ? my favourite bike has a campag set up and my other is shimano , i want to go and play on a mountain but campag only go up to 29/30 t cassette i am...
  16. pawl

    Campag cassette

    I am currently running a Campy9speed triple 52 42 32,The cassets largest cog is 26 9 speed..I would like to change the cassette to lower the gearing,perhaps a 30 or 32 largest cog..The largest I can find is a 29. Dos any one know if such a campy cassette exists and if so who the supplier is...
  17. chriscross1966

    Swapping campagnolo derailleur cages

    Hi folks... For my current project I kind of need to sort out an 7/8-speed Campagnolo setup... for perfectly good aesthetic/pose reasons I'd like to use Syncro (II) gear shifters.... my issue is I need to deal with 32 teeth's worth of chain wrap... kicking around in the box is a rather tatty...
  18. bianchi1

    Another Campagnolo question (Crank arm pedal insert)

    I've somehow managed too loose the tapered pedal insert (washer) off my Centaur chainset. Does anyone know where I can get one or if there is a fix that can be done? Seems a shame to bin a perfectly working chainset for such a small part!.
  19. chriscross1966

    Rebuilding Campagnolo high-flange Chorus hubs.... bearing confusion

    Hi folks, I'm about to embark on a rebuild of some high-flange Campy Chorus hubs prior to their installation in my latest project Brompton (yes, I know). As the rear wheel is getting a new axle (it's currently 122mm OLN, I need it to be about 130 to accommodate a 7-speed freewheel) I'm planning...
  20. chriscross1966

    Diagram of a high-flange Campagnolo Chorus hub wanted.

    Hi folks, does anyone have a diagram of a Campy High-flange rear hub. They were sold to me as Chorus, though there isn't anything written on them to say so, apart from the Campagnolo branding. The OLD seems to be 123mm, I'm hoping I can grow that to 126mm to get a 7-speed freewheel on, but the...
  21. chriscross1966

    Correct Park Tool pin sracketpanner for old loose spindle Campagnolo Athena bottom b

    Hi folks, does anyone know if there's an exact model Park Tool to fit the non-drive side of the old loose-axle Campagnolo bottom brackets... I've just bought an Athena and it uses a pin-spanner rather than what I consider to be a normal bottom bracket tool. I know they do several adjustable...
  22. winjim

    Campagnolo Powershift / Quickshift front cable pull

    Anybody know what the difference is between a PS double and a FB/QS triple shifter in terms of cable pull? Basically I want to know if I can use an 11sp PS double shifter with a 10sp FB triple front mech to shift an 11sp chain between the two inner rings of a 10sp triple chainset.
  23. redfalo

    A few Campagnolo parts - *** NOW ALL SOLD ***

    As I'm going to sell my only bike with Campy kit, I don't need the spares anymore. Campagnolo Veloce 10 Speed Cassette (11-25T) --- SOLD --- brand new and unused. Wiggle sells it for 44.99 pounds. (RVP according to them 63.49 pounds)...
  24. TheCyclingRooster

    Why do Campagnolo use terms that are alien to other than themselves ?

    Hi to all of you. I have just purchased a new Campagnolo Veloce Double front derailleur for use on my newly acquired 50cm Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Alu Carbon frame. I intend to use it as a triple with my Campagnolo Veloce Flat bar Shifters - bought some 4 years ago but never commissioned. Now I...
  25. Tin Pot

    TP's Campagnolo TT Shifter Fitting

    FFS I've been at this for over an hour. Previous Dia Compe shifter fell apart during my last race, obviously three times outdoors was too much for it. And made for an IM70.3 UK 'interesting' bike leg. All easy so far...despite having to replace the nearly new gear cable as well...then...
  26. Simon Head

    Campagnolo Shifters

    I have got Campagnolo Xenon gear mechs with a 9-speed freewheel. Can I use a front mech bar end shifter intended for use with a 10 speed rear shifter on my front mech? Sorry for the poor explanation!
  27. Proto

    Campagnolo Catalogues

    My wife is 'de-cluttering' so I've got some Campagnolo product catalogues that need a new home. 2005, 2006,2007,2008, 2009 and a 2004 spare parts catalogue. No tears, rips or loose pages but far from pristine. Anyone want them for the price of the post before I chuck them in the bin? (Estimate...
  28. GrumpyGregry

    Campagnolo Record 10 Speed Compact Front Mech

  29. slowmotion

    Free used cassette. Campagnolo Veloce 13-29 teeth

    I've had about twelve thousand miles of very mild, slow riding out of it. I always replace my chains when they reach 0.5% stretch. I think I've gone through about four or five chains on it. I don't want it, but if you do, whether to stick it on your bike or turn it into a Heath Robinson...
  30. MadoneRider1991

    Campagnolo Bora One 35 Carbon Clincher Wheels

    Hi guys, So as you may have seen on my other selling add i am moving to Shimano so this involves getting rind of my wheels aswell, These have been used for 500 miles in dry condiditons, Full carbon super light wheels. Comes with wheel bags, pads and qrs, Best price online is £1250 so...
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