rear derailleur

  1. rich p

    10 sp Shimano rear derailleur

    Medium. It's for my son in law's Spesh Allez so cheap and cheerful will do since I'm paying!!!
  2. DCBassman

    Any post-2000 Shimano MTB SGS Rear Derailleur, 7 or 8 speed.

    Examples: Altus, Altus RD-M310, Alivio RD-M410, Deore possibly, RD-M737 or anything similar? Doesn't have to be pretty as long as fully functional. Ta!
  3. T

    Wanted - 6700 rear derailleur in good condition

    Hi all, Any good, clean, none-battered 6700 rear derailleurs for sale please? Getting desperate. Only ones I can find look like they’ve been out through a rock tumbler.
  4. mpemburn

    R8000 Rear Derailleur: A Word to the Wise

    Skip this thread if you already know enough to follow the directions in the box. . . . Okay, for the rest of us who plunge right in and do what our manly sense tells us is right and after-all-I've-done-this-a-million-times-before: A few months ago, I destroyed my beautiful old Trek. Please...
  5. Steeler

    For Sale: Shimano Deore RD-M6000-GS 10-speed rear derailleur

    For Sale Unused and boxed Shimano Deore RD-M6000-GS 10-speed rear derailleur - £50 including UK mainland postage.
  6. Daninplymouth

    Rear derailleur

    Hi, been playing around with my rear wheel then noticed my gearing was a bit off. Does my derailleur look bent? If so which way do I need to adjust it?
  7. Velochris

    PILO D301 CNC rear derailleur hanger. Merckx, Ribble and others.

    Brand new. See above for frames which this fits. £13 posted within UK.
  8. sebinho

    Goodbye indexed gears?

    Hi, This is a similar post to @Biker2772's about slipping gears. I suppose all cases are different, so I'm posting my own thread and I'll paste below some detailed images. The gears Ultegra with this code embossed: "RD-6500 VIA". The bike, a Principia Rex, is 20 years old and I bought it...
  9. iluvmybike

    Brand new - Shimano Claris 2400 GS Rear Derailleur SOLD

    Brand new. Never fitted. Just not in a box. 8spd. Long cage will take up to 32t. £25.00 including postage
  10. Rooster1

    Rear derailleur adjuster spring....(gears jumping on smaller cogs)

    Can I assume that the spring that is housed in the rear derailleur barrel adjuster actually helps with the cable tension. I lost the damn thing whilst replacing the cable! Basically, my smaller cogs are jumping, despite adjustments (two evenings after two rides) And, what does the (B-Tension)...
  11. B

    Mounting system for rear derailleur

    Do both of the rear derailleur have the same mounting system?
  12. R

    Rear derailleur barrel adjuster insert thread stripped.

    Rear derailleur cable snapped today out on a ride. 8 speed sora (sora is now 9 speed but bike is from 2013 so was sora at time). I digress! On taking old cable off to replace new cable I couldn't get the barrel adjuster back in. On inspection the thread on the actual derailleur seems to be...
  13. wbmkk

    Rear Derailleur Movement Blocked by Frame

    I've just been given an old bike which i thought I could get working. The chain was actually snapped, so I managed to get it fitted again and borrowed a friend's chain tool to close it. I repaired a puncture on the front and was all set to give it a try. The rear gears don't change .. on...
  14. Rooster1

    Shimano Tiagra 10 speed rear derailleur - Spring and Pin

    Hello I needed to remove and replace the cage / plate on my Tiagra rear mech as it was damaged and bent. I had a replacement at hand. I removed the securing pin and the spring that is loaded inside obviously came out. I've tried several times to reload the spring but I am not able to get the...
  15. Ghost66x

    SHifters, Rear Derailleur and cassette question!

    Thread Music theme: View: Just purchased: Shimano Zee Shadow - FreeRide - rear derailleur- short cage - 10 speed 8 speed 11-34t rear cogs single narrow-wide race face 32t - drive Sram pc-870 8 speed chain -...
  16. R

    Ultegra 6800 rear derailleur, B screw fallen out

    Hi all, I wanted to double check for opinions on how much of a problem it is if the B screw on my Ultegra 6800 rear derailleur has fallen out? I had two incidences of rear derailleur issues in past six months, the first time the hanger snapped whilst shifting, which I then replaced and carried...
  17. Lovacott

    Rear Derailleur. Standard Mount Or Direct Mount?

    Just about to clean the drivetrain and I've noticed a bit of damage on my well worn rear mech. Looking to buy a replacement and I have come across "Standard Mount" or "Direct Mount" (often both?) being used in the online descriptions. So here's a piccy of what I've got. Answers on a postcard...
  18. rockyroller

    position of chain & rear derailleur when in the small gears

    does this look too high up? is the chain way too long? shud I remove a link? or is it normal & just caught my eye & freaked me out?
  19. Willam

    Help with rear derailleur

    Got a carrier bag stuck in my rear derailleur on my way home yesterday, it’s totally knocked my shifting out, not sure how? Chain doesn’t want to move from the smallest cog, I’ve tried following yt vids on how to adjust the RD, not sure if my model is different to the standard but can’t seem to...
  20. Mike_P

    Rear derailleur only shifting to larger cogs

    Bit bemused, apart from the smaller cogs I cannot get the hybrids rear derailleur, a Shimano Tourney 6/7 speed, to drop onto a smaller cog, changes up to each larger cog without a problem. Is it new derailleur time?
  21. Gunk

    Wanted Campagnolo Valentino 5 Speed Rear Derailleur

    I'm looking for a 5 speed rear mech for an old 1960's/70's Claud Butler Olympic. A basic Nuovo Valentino will be fine. If you have one spare please let me know.
  22. M

    Rear derailleur configuration

    This is just for thought. Please don't respond with vitriol. We all have personal preferences, no one school of thought is correct. The very first derailleurs manufactured in the 1940s and 1950s had a spring pulling the slider towards the largest sprocket (just like today in low-normal /...
  23. M

    Rear derailleur problem or not?

    I don't know if this is a problem or not so thought I'd better ask here. I have a Giant road bike and the rear derailleur is a Shimano Claris. I've just tried adjusting my gears after they started to jump a gear when I shifted to the largest sprocket on the rear cassette. It seems to be working...
  24. Hugh Manatee

    Rear Derailleur. Will I be Shunned?

    Not entirely serious here, but is there any reason I shouldn't? I mean, a mountain bike mech on a road bike!! Burn him! I have a couple of other choices. A very nice Mavic job. Trouble is, it will be used in all weathers and that particular mech operates on a weird circlip spring loaded...
  25. Brento10

    SRAM Force rear derailleur chain sagging

    I have fitted a new KMC 11spd chain to my SRAM Force 22 groupset . In the 34t ring my chain is sagging has not done this previously it results in my chain meshing against itself when in 34t front and 5th cog at the rear The spring tension appears to be ok in the rear derailleur . Any advice...
  26. 3

    new rear derailleur for old school 80s road bike.

    So 80s era road bike. I recently changed both 8 speed rear cassette (now 11-32) and added a smaller front chainring (now 38-52). My derailleur is Shimano 105 from that era, I have down tube friction shifters. The derailleur is a short cage (SS in Shimano terms) and I want to change to a medium...
  27. nickg

    Rear derailleur cage size

    On my rear derailleur I have a long cage. Should it be a short cage on a road bike? Just been comparing it to friends bikes.
  28. funk2monk

    Le Cyclo Rear Derailleur Shifter

    I've just acquired a Sun cycle with the above deraillier. I've tracked down a NOS tension spring, and the rest of the mechanism looks like it will clean up well. The cable is a continuous cable which is in tact but just thinking out loud where and how do you replace these? Picture for reference.
  29. L

    When replacing a chain at what angle should the rear derailleur be?

    Photo 1 is in biggest rear cog and front on biggest ring Photo 2 is in smallest rear cog and front on the biggest ring. I feel that in photo 1 the angle of the rear derailleur is a bit too much??
  30. B

    Poor shifting - replace rear derailleur?

    Shifting is poor and when in any gear it isn't smooth. I've tried to adjust tension etc but it makes little difference. There is some play where the mec attaches to the hanger but tightening the relevant bolt makes no difference. Does anyone know why this is the case? I have fallen on that side...
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