rear derailleur

  1. B

    Poor shifting - replace rear derailleur?

    Shifting is poor and when in any gear it isn't smooth. I've tried to adjust tension etc but it makes little difference. There is some play where the mec attaches to the hanger but tightening the relevant bolt makes no difference. Does anyone know why this is the case? I have fallen on that side...
  2. DCBassman

    Rear Derailleur Question

    Going from 8 to 9 speed... Does a 9-speed mech travel any different distance to an 8? The cassettes are the same overall size, no? Just wondering if I need change to a specific 9er if all else is changed, ie cassette and shifters...
  3. Jenkins

    Acera RD-M370 Rear Derailleur - 9 Speed - SOLD

    Brought this from Evans about a year ago as ex-display, test fitted it but never used and couldn't be bothered to return for a refund. Cosmetic scratch as per the pictures - £10 delivered with payment by Paypal or bank transfer.
  4. G

    Rear derailleur installation issue

    Been trying to fit a new Shimano XT rear derailleur with 11-46 sunrace cassette but having issues with derailleur (tension?) When in 46T ring the top jockey wheel sits just on the cassette teeth but as soon as you move down the gears it's terrible and doesn't hold position at all. Nightmare! by...
  5. Mr. Cow

    105 rear derailleur missing screw..?

    Hello :smile: I had an off and on inspecting the bike I noticed there appears to be a screw missing from the rear derailleur? This is on the underside near the cage section.. can anyone tell me what this screw was for, and if it might stop me nursing the bike home? Upside down the bike...
  6. tom73

    Rear derailleur not shifting to smallest cog.

    Following on form last nights ride showed the gears needed a bit of indexing. On closer inspection and after the normal barrel and limit screw adjustment tricks to get shifting to the smallest cog the shifter has no more clicks left either. But still will not move to the smallest cog. Any...
  7. MrPorridge

    Rear derailleur not shifting into lowest gear

    Hello. I've just bought a Triban RC520 from Decathlon. However, the rear derailleur (Shimano 105) wasn't shifting into either of the lowest two gears (small chainring and biggest two cassette cogs). So having googled the problem, I did the following: Pushed the derailleur with my fingers to...
  8. chriscross1966

    Does anyone have an exploded diagram of a Campagnolo Victory rear derailleur

    Not fussed which one.... I did take photos before I stripped it, but I have subsequently lost the phone :-( I guess even one of a Triomphe would help, or a late Nuovo/Super Record (cos they're pretty similar). I would even be happy buying a tatty example to use for reference...
  9. cosmicbike

    Shimano Ultegra 6800 Short Cage Rear Derailleur

    Used for 3000 miles. Very tiny mark on side, see 1st and 3rd pic, otherwise excellent. £25 plus post Paypal gift or bank Tx
  10. R

    UPDATE: Got my SunTour Cyclone rear derailleur in the mail :)

    A quick update about me and my SunTour Cyclone. It just arrived. I opened it. Very happy. Let me know if you want pictures and I'll see if I can upload a couple.
  11. RegG

    Rear derailleur problem....

    I am having problems with the 7 speed Shimano rear derailleur on a Raleigh Siren in that it will not shift into the largest cog on the cassette. It moves smoothly between the other six cogs on all three of the front chain rings. Before I start messing around adjusting screws etc can anyone on...
  12. gareth01244

    Ultegra 6700 gs medium cage rear derailleur

    Looking for a nice example of a 6700 rear derailleur medium cage or the later 6700A that goes up to a 30t cog. Thanks
  13. gareth01244

    SOLD Ultegra 6800 front and rear derailleur for sale

    I have a set of 6800 front and rear derailleurs for sale. Front mech is band on, rear is a short cage so good for up to 28 tooth cassette. Few stuffs on both as shown on pics but fully functional with no play in the jockey wheels. Based in Chester for collection or will post out. Looking for £30
  14. gareth01244

    Now sorted. Ultegra 6600 rear derailleur medium cage

    Realise that this is a long stretch but does any one have one of the above that they would like to sell? Thanks
  15. dhd.evans

    Rear Derailleur - life expectancy?

    My Shimano 105 rear mech has seen approx 3,788 miles of use, two offs and various mashing and tweaks to keep it in working condition. I run a compact double with an 11-28 cassette on the back and the mech has never been serviced bar replacing the jockey wheels. In the small ring on the front...
  16. R

    Is it true you can thread your chain through a SunTour rear derailleur cage without splitting chain?

    I read somewhere a long while back, can't remember where I read it at but I do remember what it said. Someone wrote on this site that you can thread your chain through a rear SunTour derailleur cage without splitting it. One of my closest friends who rides and works on bikes, too told me you can...
  17. R

    Shimano Tourney 6/7 Speed Rear Derailleur

    I have a question relating to something weird. From my understanding, modern Shimano derailleurs are supposed to work with modern STI levers for very new road bikes, but for some reason mine is working with vintage road bike levers that say CHARGER on them. The only info I can find on the levers...
  18. Velochris

    Shimano Ultegra 6800 rear derailleur and cassette. New.

    11-32 cassette. £32. Medium cage rear derailleur. £40. £70 for both. Both removed from a brand new bike prior to use Prices include postage to UK standard postcodes.
  19. D

    Rear derailleur converter.

    Hello. I am building (another) road bike from my spare part "store". My friend has told me I shall need one of the above. What is it used for ? Thank you for any replies.
  20. antnee

    Rear Derailleur Shifts badly under tension

    As I have successfully adjusted quite a few sets of new cables to rear derailleurs I am surprised to find that am having a few problem with this, because after fitting new cassette,chain and longer cage rear derailleur find that whole gear changing operation works perfectly when bikes on the...
  21. ColinJ

    Campagnolo 10-speed shifter with 9-speed rear derailleur - will it work?

    I bought some 10-speed Campagnolo shifters from somebody on the forum a couple of years ago and now want to put them on my old Basso to convert it to 10-speed. It was 9-speed up until last autumn when I took it out of service . I removed the worn-out Ergopower controls from that bike, scrapped...
  22. grellboy

    Removing rear derailleur - can front derailleur still function?

    Fixed my lad's bike multiple times but now rear derailleur is knackered - gone sort of saggy instead of being taut - so just wondered in the interim before replacing it - if I removed the rear d and then some links in the chain, would it still be possible to change through the three rings using...
  23. cosmicbike

    Rear Derailleur Cage Lengths

    Is the difference between a long cage and a short cage just the cage length? I have a short cage Ultegra mech, if I want the capacity to run a 32T sprocket can I simply fit only the cage element of a long cage Sora for example?
  24. MrOz

    Sold - Simplex mech

  25. meddyliol

    Rear derailleur size?

    I have just bought a 'Shimano Tourney TX' to replace the 'Power Index System' one (which I assume is a cheap thing). I have just taken the old one off and compared it to the new one, I am amazed at the difference in size, the new one looks twice as big as the old one. I hope I haven't made a...
  26. N

    Rear derailleur, again!

    Okay guys - I have a mid compact ultegra set-up 52/36 up front and 11-28 at the rear. Looking for a lower gear for hilly stuff. Going to buy a mid-cage rear mech, an 11-32 cassette and a new chain. Local Evans has them all in stock and is open today. What do I need to do with the new chain? Add...
  27. broady

    Rear derailleur

    Is this still okay or under too much strain? This is in 52/28: And on 36/11, will it take an extra couple of links: *And yes I know all about chain crossing
  28. Mark1978

    Is this the Shimano short or medium cage derailleur?

    Can't find any identifying marks on it to work it out. I want to change the 11-28 to an 11-32 for a trip to the peak district in a few weeks and want to know if i'll need to change the derailleur. Cheers
  29. Tin Pot

    Clunky rear derailleur on lower gears

    A bit of a puzzler. On the smallest four cogs the rear derailleur is smooth. On the cogs larger it immediately is clunking, juddering. Recent history: Reindexed it last week, did some hills in the rain noticed it not shifting properly, did a turbo session with it clunking weirdly (tried to...
  30. midliferider

    Rear derailleur cable connector

    While I changing the cables, I have lost the small piece which connect the cable to the rear derailleur. I googled it and it is not something that you can buy. What can I do?
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