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Hello all,

I have some lateral play in my pedals and I think this is down to the bearing either being loose or worn. I am debating whether to try and fix them or whether to buy a new pair of pedals. The thing is my cleats are the old style Look ones and I am not sure if I still can buy the old style ones?

Anyone had experience doing an overhaul of the old style Look pedals?




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If they are Look Deltas then yes you can still buy the cleats I think @fossyant uses them and they are the standard cleats at the Velodrome in Manchester.

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Ive one look delta cleat brand new if you want to try it okanet x sent me them instead of keos and refused to replace them, unfortunatley i took a sanding disk to the other one in an effort to make it fit... It did after a few hours but it wasnt worth the hastle of doing the second!


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Fixing the play by replacing the bearings can work but it is very fiddly and nine times out of ten it is down to wear in another part anyway.

You should have a locknut on the axle right next to the pedal body - sometimes these can work loose so it is just a matter of tightening it up.

Personally I would get a decent pair of modern pedals which will be just as smooth but a lot lighter.


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Worth giving the pedals a quick service. They have a lock ring and you should then be able to undo the axel.

I have C Record Carbon pedals and I've never adjusted them, but I have serviced my Look Carbo Pro pedals and a few others. If they are running smooth, it's quite easy to adjust the play once you have the axel out. It's basically two nuts holding the bearing in place. Adjust these like you would do with cup and cone.

You can still get old style Look Delta pedals and cleats. To be honest there are many top end Look pedals on ebay for not much money like the PP196, 286/296.

I'd be surprised if the bearings are rough. To service, just squirt grease back into the pedal body and reinsert the axel, the old grease will be squeezed out.
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