can my hybrid handle it

i have a hybrid bike raleigh urban 2.

i went for a ride yesterday about 9.5 miles (longest ride i have done) and i did the first part that would be part of my commute to work when i get fitness up to acceptable level.

it was on the National cycle route 1 and i found that the cycle path was full of bumps and uneven surfaces and loose stones etc, and the bike slid slightly on it (in certain parts) but could still control the bike.

i was just wondering will my hybrid be able to handle this in the longer term.

route is


Yes to odd journey, but no to everyday. You'd be better off with wider off road tyres for regular trips.

They'll give you better grip and make your journey more comfortable. Also, absorb more of the road undulations to minimise damage to your wheels.

The rest of the bike will be fine.
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