Can you back me up?!

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col said:
And i vote to agree to dissagree eh? what do you say Magnaton,after all,someone on another thread said"lifes too short":smile:never a truer word said;)

Of course Col. I never take any criticism or disagreements on here too seriously. I just don't want you on a jury at my trial if there is any video evidence... ;):ohmy:


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Dont worry,when the jurors ask me how i saw it,id say" but he did slow up a tad when the bus went over him":laugh:


The point is, at the point where the bus can be seen to the right of him on the camera, magnatom is already at or past the first half of the bus stop, so the bus couldn't have possibly hoped to have pulled in in front of him, given that he's got to stop with his front end at about the front of the bus stop, even if he'd stopped dead there and then.
Perhaps the bus was going to try and not pull into the stop at all, so he didn't have to wait for the traffic? As buses often do? However that would have been dangerous still, because the passengers may have got out straight into magna's path.
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