Can you take CO2 compressed air cylinders on a plane?


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Off to Cyprus next week with my bike. Last year, I didn't take my CO2 and didn't have room for my track pump and suffered as a consequence. I got more punctures than I had inners so the cycling portion came to an early end. I've been told previously you can't take them in the bike holder but do you know if you can take them in luggage and if so, is this safe?

There are no cycle shops in the area we are going to so buying compressed air suitable for a bike isn't possible and it's impossible to pump the tyres up to adequate pressure with a bike pump hence the numerous punctures.


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The list of restricted items may vary for different airlines.

here is the British airwyas blurb - short answer is yes without prior notification

Restricted items needing no notification

The following list covers all items that may be carried on British Airways flights but are still restricted to specific limits on quantities or dimensions:
  • Aerosols - non-flammable for sporting and home use
  • Non-radioactive medicinal or toilet articles - hairsprays, perfumes, colognes, medicines, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic gas cylinders - e.g. for operation of mechanical limbs, bicycle tyre inflation devices (max. capacity 50ml)


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I think the CO2 cartridges are fully capable of going in the hold or cabin but most airlines restrict to just two being carried per passenger. Apparently they look out for this during baggage screening after it has gone through checkin but I don't work there so don't know if it is true.

This is where a mini pump is your friend...
There's an article on p.23 of the October issue of Cycling Active written on the advice of someone in aircraft security.
He claims "You're only allowed to carry two small CO2 bottles in each suitcase - thats the limit. People who who take loads with them will have to take them out before they fly"

I am not suggesting that this is the definitive answer, however....
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