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I'm 17 and graduating from high school in about two months and as my celebration (not interested in prom) I bought a specialized tri bike. It was about 4 times what I would have paid for my prom, and worth every single penny of it. I'm IN LOVE with the bike. I look at it and I want to kiss it. I ride it and I want to cry. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing compared to my old montain bike. I've had it for 3 days and ridden approx. 90km, and I can't wait for the many more I will spend on it.

I plan on doing triathalons during my summers off from university, and a full Ironman hopefully by the summer of third year.


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Hmmm, not sure that I understand all of that. There was a bike in my village that guys of 17 yearned to kiss, but you seem to be happy, so welcome to CC. :smile::smile:


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I understand! I sometimes go out to the garage and run a loving hand over my carbon beauty, whispering "we'll be out on Saturday, don't worry" to it. I am as obsessed with my road bike as I was when I started mountain biking 22 years ago, it is such a thrill to ride. I think about it all the time!
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