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Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by rockaperoon, 11 Apr 2010.

  1. rockaperoon

    rockaperoon New Member

    hi all fancy this bike on bike to work
    ive seen advertised compact frame
    whats all that about also double or triple
    if i get a double could i swap the rear cgs and have some low gears fitted
    another problem is finding a cannondale in glasgow dales looks like all it does is specialized
    thanks in advance steve
  2. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    there's one in the window of te LBS, it's very shiny and very lovely

    in my experience any decent LBS will fit whatever parts you want at the cost diffferential to make the sale

    compact and semi compact frame just means the top tube slopes more or less downards, saves on metal and weight and something to do with handling I think, to a amateur I think thet only real effect is visual

    a double or triple up front doesnn;t affect what cogs you have at the rear, within reason you can have any range you want

    a double can still and usually will have much the same range as a triple only with bigger steps between gears, a triple is good for lots of hills, a double is fine otherwise

    I'm not good on this technical stuff mind, one of the competents will be along to correct me I'm sure
  3. Rob3rt

    Rob3rt Man or Moose!

    I ride a CAAD9, very nice bike, I'd highly recommend them, but dont buy before you try, there may be other bikes more suited to you out there, you will need to ride a few before you decide.

    When they refer to a CAAD9 as compact, thats in reference to the groupset. The front chain rings are a compact arrangement, to my knowledge the frame is not a compact frame, it doesnt have the givaway signs such a sloping top tube etc, although it could be a compact frame, but most sales literature ive seen is refering to compact groupset not frame.
  4. OP

    rockaperoon New Member

    thanks for clearing that up im off for a look at some lbs in ayr and prestwick today
    not sure if they stock cannondales thanks for the info about compact frame or gears
    i may have to order a dale from dales in glasgow but online they dont carry dales
    only specialised the higher end specialised bikes are waaay over the £1000 limit
  5. zoso7

    zoso7 New Member

    Alpine Bikes in Glasgow (2 stores) stock Cannondales, might be a good idea to speak to them as they are a Cannondale dealer, i got my bike from Dales in Glasgow, so you will get well looked after and good advice in there also just don't know if they can get cannondales or not!!

    Alpine bikes address: (Tiso have a franchise in their store)
    6 Saint George's Place Glasgow G20 7PW - 0141 353 2226

    Tiso Glasgow Outdoor Experience

    50 Couper Street
    G4 0DL

    PS, CAAD9 is meant to be a great bike.
  6. OP

    rockaperoon New Member

    the lbs i went to today cant get cannondale till late may grr
    the suggested a ridley eos i think its cheaper so i could probably get a garmin with the spare money many hours of googlin tonite
    re alpine bikes and dales last resort as i live 60 miles from glasgow
    i think the eos is a slightly heavier frame but comes with rack mounts and mudguard eyes
  7. OP

    rockaperoon New Member

    im going to wait for the cannondale why get a new bike then wish it was a cannondale
  8. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

    That is very true!

    I'm struggling to decide on a Trek Mad One 4.5 or the Cannondale Six 105 c (in red, of course), or the CAAD 9 105c!
  9. OP

    rockaperoon New Member

    decisions decisions lol
  10. Howard

    Howard Senior Member

    Yup problems with the euro distributer at the moment. Can't get them for love nor money.

    If you really need rack mounts and mudguards why even consider the Cannondale? If you don't need them wait for the Cannondale Caad9 - there are few bikes out there with such universal praise.
  11. OP

    rockaperoon New Member

    dont need rack mounts or mudguards im content to wait for the dale
    i can fit the roadracer mudguards anyhoo i live in scotland its not known for rain (tic)
    goin to lbs on friday to order
  12. jimheaney57

    jimheaney57 New Member

  13. Howard

    Howard Senior Member

    Mmmm steel....

    You can't go wrong with the Trek or the Cannondale - although you can get the CAAD9 Tiagra for the same price as the CAAD8. Take it you rode them all? What was the Genesis like? Intrigued.

    Of course, if you didn't ride them, you need to get some test rides in :smile:
  14. Lad at work has the Caad9(Tiagra) and loves it,only ever see it when there's less than 0.1% chance of rain though.:smile:
  15. Howard

    Howard Senior Member

    Same goes for my CAAD9 :smile:
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