Cannondale synapse 6 Tiagra


Anyone had any experience with this bike?

Looking to buy my first road bike and I can pick up a second hand 2013 model for under £300 which is my budget, struggling to find many reviews online so just wondering if anyones heard good/bad things about it?

I'll be looking to do the ride100 on this bike coe august so I need it to be suitable for long hilly rides
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Waiting for the turbo to kick in...
Lovely bike for the money. I run one as my winter bike. Very comfy, I'd recommend it. It's lush.

Joshua Plumtree

Approaching perfection from a distance.
Bought a second hand Woman's Synapse for my then 12 year old son a couple of years age. Great bike, he loves it. You can't go wrong for under £300. :tongue:
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