Cannondale synapse is out of stock everywhere


I'm trying to get hold of this bike but 4hey are out of stock everywhere.
Does anyone know why it's out of stock in the UK and when it will be available?


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Sorry Alan but I guess you didn't know there is a shortage of bikes due to the pandemic, it’s a country wide problem.
You could try contacting Cannondale U.K. descending or one of their dealers but it looks like the situation is not going to improve in the short term.
Maybe find an alternative bike?


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There's longish waits for many bike models at the moment Alan, the pandemic (and specifically lockdowns) did two major things to affect bike supply in 2020: They pushed demand for bikes higher than ever, and secondly, they closed down some of the major component factories for months, putting the supply chain for assembly under previously unknown pressure. That's still having a knock on effect.

It's getting better but the supply issue endures... I wanted a particular Trek (children's model) in the last few weeks and of the exact colour I wanted, there were only two in stock the UK. Some retailers were offering one for delivery in July. So it really is a case of looking hard and maybe travelling a long way for a specific bike, or going on a waiting list. As Cycleops says, choosing a different, more easily available model can work, but even that can be tricky.
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