Can't adjust rest derailleur


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Any help adjusting rear derailleur appreciated... Think I made it worse...I need to start from the beginning beginning

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The easiest way is to follow a youtube video, such as this -

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Place derailleur on the smallest cog.

Adjust barrel adjust to half way position.

Slacken off cable with nut/allen bolt on derailleur. Whilst cable is loose, use pliers to pull cable tight(without pulling the derailleur)

Change upto middle gears on cass. Check for smooth up and down shifting- adjust barrel to fine tune shifts.

Once gear shifts are smooth move to set end stops High/Low. Put chain on biggest cog, check Low stop. Then chain on smallest cog, check High stop


I aways put chain in smallest cog/gear at the rear.Wind barrel adjuster right in.Atfach cable to deralieur.Click once and whilst turning pedals twist barrel adjuster anti clock wise/out a quarter of a turn until chain moves up one gear,another click and should move up another.Once you've got the first couple.of high gears the rest should work fine.Works for me.
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