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  1. fossyant

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    South Manchester
    I've had many broken bones caused by drivers, which came to a head just over 3 years ago - badly broken spine (2 vertebrae snapped clean through and 4 ribs). Intensive care, 6 weeks in hopsital etc. Still in pain, but I'm still riding - MTB now or turbo trainer. I've unfortunately given up road cycling, but moved to off road - yeh it's slower, muddier, but it will only be my mistakes that get me injured.

    I've found the total injustice the hardest thing to deal with - the driver didn't get a slapped wrist, and I was left in a very bad way (oxygen stats of 70 whilst in hospital, which is very bad - needs to be above 94%). Very nearly wheelchair bound.

    I'd be using your cross bike off road more, and not give up - still a very good way of keeping fit - a car makes you fat.
  2. roubaixtuesday

    roubaixtuesday Senior Member

    Don't let the bastards grind you down. Being sedentary is far more dangerous.

    The health benefits of cycling outweigh the injury risks by between 13:1 and 415:1, according to studies.
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  3. Afnug

    Afnug I'll Sithee

    A serious accident brings about changes and people handle it differently, I have been a cyclist most of my life and have had quite a few offs some worse than others, but the guy who ran into me in 2015 changed my perspective a little, I spent 13 nights in hospital and my shoulder is not as it should be, I am back riding and enjoying it but I now try to keep away from traffic as much as possible and group riding makes me nervous (more chance of touching wheels and falling off) but the joy of getting out there still keeps me going.

    A mate fell off on a railway crossing and broke his hip, he didn't cycle as much as me but he really enjoyed getting out and was very enthusiastic about it, but after his accident and the trauma of a replacement hip he has hung up his wheels and sold all his bikes and gear.

    If you want to get back out on the bike why not get a MTB, or use the CX on tracks and bridleways away from traffic, its very enjoyable.
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  4. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about the accident and hope that you can find another outlet, so to speak. Someone mentioned walking which is good for you but have you thought about either jogging or running. I came from a running background but needed a replacement to get the buzz when I had to give up running because of knee trouble. I think running may help because it may also build your confidence again on the bike. As others have said, try MTB or riding in country parks or somewhere off road. Driving is more dangerous than cycling and there are just too many people driving too fast for the conditions and preoccupied with everything else. Just try driving at a steady 29-30mph in a 30mph zone and see how many drivers catch you up. Good luck and enjoy what ever you decide to do.
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  5. Nebulous

    Nebulous Veteran

    It's your choice OP, as to how you lead your life.

    I was knocked off around 5 years ago. A car came out in front of me, I rolled over the bonnet and got off with two broken fingers. My riding took a knock, it's only now getting back to the miles I was doing before. However as part of the compensation package my solicitor arranged counselling, and that certainly helped.

    Was that not suggested for you?
  6. OP

    tangoup52 Member

    Thanks for all the replies guys, absolutely solid advice.:smile:
    And I really appreciate the sympathy. There's alot of experience on this forum but it's still distressing to see so many people who've been through all this.

    As from what alot of you have said, recovery is possible and I can take baby-steps to get there. But my dependency on cycling was 90% commuting, I rarely hopped on my bicycle without a destination to go, infact, it would take me to every destination. Initially I started out by free-roaming as a hobby, but that soon changed as life got busier and was forced to use it as my primary means of transport.

    I suppose that's what I meant when I said I used it too much - and with all my reflection, it definitely is true. Cycling is a great tool in terms of transport, but I've been stretching it thin for far too long. (or atleast, that's how I feel.)

    With all that said, I have been attempting to recover my confidence by using my mtb / cx bike off-road, (as many of you have already suggested!)
    I think having to cycle for every social / business event for this many years takes the shine out of doing it as a hobby on the weekend, so it's been quite a long time since I rode a bicycle for fun rather than business, so I keep stopping mid-trail ride to ask myself ... where am I going?

    But never the less, I've done it for a while-ish now and I don't feel much better about cycling. I guess my fear is cars and the road in general, so avoiding that doesn't particularly help my confidence or with any commuting I might have to do. -- I do know I could recover in time.

    But even if I did I don't think I will ever come back to depending on bicycles this much. This whole incident has forced me to recognise the limitations between cycling and cars, limitations that I've constantly had to overcome because of my circumstances, but in their own right, they're exhausting to deal with.
    And I'm just quite tired.

    In the end, I know I will return to cycling (on and off road) but only as a weekend hobby, I don't think I will trust it enough to carry me for all those other reasons as it once did,
    I think I need to take a long break before I can even miss it enough to enjoy it as a hobby, that's when I'll find the energy to recover.

    I'm still going to be selling my cycling stuff, I do actually need the money and down the line I can always return to it and probably will. But right now, my life isn't really in the best place to force myself to want something I don't want, especially when in the end there are easier alternatives for now.

    I say easier loosely, since while I have enough money for a car, that's only for a car. Not insurance or running costs, but I've tweaked your ears enough with all this doom and gloom, so I'll leave that one at rest ^_^

    But yeah, thanks for all your words. It's meaningful and helpful, even if it sounds like I've made up my mind I will take all this information with me down the line.

    Oh and ..
    No, but I would love a f*cking elevator. :okay:
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  7. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Get your enjoyment back. I was doing far too many commuting miles, and not enough enjoyable cycling. Was usually knackered by weekend. It kept me very fit, but I wasn't having fun. Its about fun now.

    Im off to a brand new indoor MTB park next week. Most likely I'll crash, but it is mud. Excited.
  8. Johnno260

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    East Sussex
    Don’t sell your stuff the depreciation will really make you mad.

    Try off road or take the bike to some cycle paths, I plan my routes avoiding as much heavy traffic as possible.
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  9. Milzy

    Milzy Veteran

    How much compensation did you recieve? You could join a local running club. Brilliant socially & fitness will stay high.
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