Car Drivers are tossers or may bank holiday madness


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today for the first time in weeks i thought I would take the bike out for a spin. A nice afternoon I thought. This afternoon I have been cut up at a set of traffic lights when they are red for 10 feet of road....? I filtered past the bitch tried to look impressive and then my chain fell off sometime you can not win. Also pushed in to the curb on a main road with no other traffic I was in the middle of the road with a fluro jacket on do I not show up enough. Stopped at a zebra crossing only to watch a car speed through it at least 50-60 miles an hour without looking and to top it all less than five minutes from home I got cut up at a mini round about what am I doing wrong. If you really want the 5foot of road I in habit you are welcome to do just dont drive like that when my children are about as that will be a different matter.
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