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One less of them and one more of us, good luck!


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I wish I could do that! No more traffic jams, no more paying 80% fuel tax, no more maintenance and service costs, no more vehicle excise duty, no more rip off insurance costs and no more speed camera tax! Oh you lucky man


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well done


I went car free for two months a couple of months ago - couldn't handle it...

When I had the car on the drive and left for work on the bike in the rain and the dark and the cold it was through choice - and I enjoyed/got a kick out of that. When the car went it meant I HAD to ride - the choice was gone. Even though I would still have taken the bike I resented that I had to..... Got car back now.....

Well done and good luck though!



I got rid of mine 2 weeks ago, not looked back and it`s one less thing to worry about and pay for, even though I work 12 miles from home, it doesn`t bother me in the slightest, you made a good choice well done:thumbsup:


I`ve got a Morrison`s and Lidl within about 5 mins walk, and I live in a market town with loads of little shops for anything else I might need, might be tricky if you were in the middle of nowhere...........
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