Carbon fibre RIP?

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I was talking to some chap at a British Computer Society meeting today, as you do. He said there was a company developing a very energy efficient car made of a newly developed plastic with the same strength as titanium but lighter. Does anyone know what this plastic is? He said it wasn't carbon fibre.
Carbon nanotubes?


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I thought of UHMWPE until you said new, so I have no idea. I know in various motor racing cars that Zylon is used?


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Zylon? You've made that up!


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As every skoolboy noes, crystallised blotch is the most underrated building material. This is blotting paper (remember that?) soaked in model aircraft glue (remember that as well?) and allowed to dry. You can't easily buy either of them now - althought the glue is still available for joining plastic plumbing pipes.
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