Carrera chainset Gryphon switching to a triple .


Not posted here before so i hope this thread is in the right section.
A mate wants to ride the Hardnott pass next year .
The present drive on his Carrera is the factory fitted compact double chainset & 9 sp cassette . All the parts on the drive are shot. ie
Chain, cassette, sealed bottom bracket , The rear mech is in need of new jockey wheels .plus any cables.
I dont think he will get over the pass without changing to a touring set up 48/38/28 . Something like a Spa triple XD2 ,which is a bargin imho. Cassette 11/34,9sp {Shimano},KMC chain. 115mm b/b I reckon .
I do not know yet , if the left hand flat bar shifter will work with a triple front mech . The rear mech is a Deore long cage.
So looking at £140/150 in parts mininum. Almost half the cost of the bike! . The rest of the bike is servicable ie wheel, tyres/brakes/frame/ bars etc.
is it worth it? He does not look after his bike so spending £ 700 on something half decent is not going to happen .
Has anyone here gone this route with this particular style of bike and if so what issues did you encounter .

Thanks in advance.
Ps I have the right tools for the job .


Will likely need a new left hand shifter, crankset and front derailleur. Use the BB recommended for the crankset - if getting a Spa XD2 they'll be able to advise and supply the correct unit.

If the bike has been badly maintained then it doesn't matter what bike is used it will inevitably require expensive parts replacement. It's still going to be cheaper than a new bike, and worth advising him he can save money in the future by performing some preventative maintenance.


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48/38/28 is really old-school! 42/32/22 has been pretty standard on tourers for a decade or more, because they use MTB kit. You won't spin out 42 x 11 easily.
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