1. DCLane

    SOLD: Carrera Tanneri II cyclocross bike, 20" frame, West Yorks

    This is my son's 'winter' commuter. That he isn't using for commuting because he's racing / training and won't commute on those days. Basically it's done under 200 miles and is exactly as per original spec except for Widget mudguards being fitted. Not used off-road as he only rides the...
  2. lylecane

    Carrera MTB

    What does everyone think is the best upgrades to do on my carrera hardtail mtb?
  3. PHL67

    Vintage Carrera Mondiale.

    recently acquired but needed some work. Full 105 group set. Needs new tyres as cracking in walls. All working and very clean with marks in line with use. Please see pictures for condition.
  4. PHL67

    Carrera Mondiale

    just bought this today 105 group set. Araya rims. Turbo saddle. Will be cleaned up and serviced. New cables etc. Please see pictures. Many thanks.
  5. Bhitucyclist

    Carrera zelos it good ?

    Hi friends planning to buy this one and change the handle bars to straight handle bars. Any one already uses this bike? Will appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance
  6. SteveParry

    Carrera Subway - proper mudguards?

    I have an old ie V-brakes model and I'd like to fit some mudguards that properly cover both wheels as opposed to the mtb type that would appear to offer very little protection. Any pointers? Thanks, Steve
  7. biggs682

    Carrera owners manual GONE

    Found this whilst looking for something else . Never been stamped so not tied to a bike . If anyone wants it let me know and I can post it onwards .
  8. BristolRoversfc

    Carrera Crossfire prices

    I have a Carrera Crossfire 2 and wifey wants one also. Just looked at Halfords website and the Crossfire 1 is £284 whereas the later 2 model is £260. I would have thought it should be the other way around.
  9. biggs682

    2015 Carrera Crixus 51cm low useage now SOLD

    2015 model year very lightly used Carrera Crixus full std spec as per . 51cm size frame in black with contrasting decals , claris 2 x 8 gearing , kendra tyres , carrera finishing...
  10. Alembicbassman

    Carrera TDF Womens Road Frame and Forks 46cm £15

    Carrera TDF Womens Road Frame and Forks 46cm For 700c wheels Excellent condition, no dents, no corrosion. Includes bottom bracket cable guide, barrel adjusters, headset bearings, crown race. (FSA No.10) and mech hanger. £15 Collection from Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
  11. cyberknight

    Carrera TDF 51 cm - 53 TT

    Built us as a rat bike frame was pretty rough to start so i have t cut and touched it up , the right hole for the seatstay has a snapped bolt in 8 speed sora crud road racer guards new BB sram powerspline chainset rack and pedals not included ( if you want the pedals im sure i can sling...
  12. mustang1

    Carrera Parva - what does it really cost?

    For a short while, it said £180, down from £300, thus saving £120. Today I checked the site and it says it's £180, down from £210, thus saving £30. I never went into this bike thinking it was ever a £300 bike. Is this a bit like the never-ending sofa sales which have 50-60% off all throughout...
  13. biggs682

    Carrera Tony Doyle epic GT

    Just picked up this very tidy and original Carrera which as some on here will know I have a bit of a soft spot for. With a great retro splatter paint finish on Reynolds 501 tubing . And Shimano exage 300 ex running gear . . Just needs some new tyres and a tweak on the rear spokes .
  14. Joey Shabadoo

    Carrera Crossfire E

    Well, I was thinking about it and I'd booked a test ride but tonight I thought I'd fill in the C2W bumpf in the expectation that it'd be a week or so before it was approved when, to my surprise, it was approved immediately! A wee shufti at the Halfords website and there was one available for...
  15. Trigger369

    Would u buy it (carrera)

    Have been looking for a cheap 2ndhand road bike to use on the turbo trainer as I don't want to mess up my good bike a giant contend . Question is would any of you buy this carrera just to use on the trainer ? Looking at the gear leavers where are they .Where do u change gear on this thing ...
  16. G

    Bought Carrera Parva. Starting cycling advice + tips for a taxi driver

    Hu guys, Thanks to the advice from the bro's in the buying/selling section i have taken the plunge on the carrera parva from halfords. I'm 31 years old, 5foot 4" and weigh 70kg with 50% of that coming from my belly lol. Last 4 years doing night shift as a taxi driver and stuffing myself with...
  17. EasyCrank

    Carrera Subway 1 - A good commuters bike

    Hey everyone, I'm eyeing up this bike which on the face of things seems a good deal for the price. I live in Bristol which is far from a flat city so one of my main concerns is weight. This sounds to be around 14kg, do you think that will be ok for tackling up-hill commutes? My other question...
  18. P

    Carrera Intercity

    Just thought I'd post something without "Brompton" in the subject. 20% discount Halfords on-line, finding them in-store so I can use my cycling UK discount is another matter. Any riders of this here?
  19. taximan

    1986 Carlton Carrera

    I am reluctantly offering for sale my Carlton Carrera, frame No WG 6000986. This leads me to believe the bike was built in Worksop & dates back to 1986. I would describe it as being in reasonably good condition and I believe it is still fitted with many original parts. I acquired the bike last...
  20. fixedfixer

    Carrera Tanneri Limited Edition Cyclocross Bike

    So, having missed the bike that biggs682 was selling, I'm after a similar priced Carrera Taqnneri 54cm bike. Will need to be posted.... but if you are interested in selling one give me a PM. Cheers.
  21. B

    Carrera Vulcan Mountain Bike electric 250/1000w 13a 48v medium

    please read carefully so theirs no mix ups so i had a new 250w / 1000w kit left from another project. also a 15am 48v rack battery. so i but it on a used medium carrera vulcan. the bikes in decent condition for its age. the kits 250w or 1000w so when on the roads you discount a wire and your...
  22. biggs682

    Carrera Tanneri cx bike 21.3" Sold

    2014/5 model two previous fastidious owners who have covered a total of 350 miles according to the strava records shown . very clean condition with just some small cable rubs and chips , both down tube Carrera decals have been covered with black sticky back tape as the first owner was...
  23. mikehorne

    Carrera Vengence chain?$ja=tsid:94971%7Ccid:868641099%7Cagid:42483199...
  24. roadrash

    Carrera Tanneri cx for sale

    After years of back issues and more recent neck issues I am buying a recumbent so this has to go. Carrera Tanneri cx ,center of bottom bracket to top of seat post measures 54cm. forks changed to carbon forks last week. recent new mudguards. 2 new Schwalbe landcruiser tyres 35mm less than 100...
  25. T

    Carrera TdeF SE - 50cm

    I have a Carrera Tour de France SE that is now surplus to requirements as I have had to give up triathlons (a second hip replacement is due). I bought the frame second hand and built it up to use on my turbo trainer (so since I have owned it, about 5 years, it it has not been on the road). I put...
  26. Arjimlad

    Carrera Crixus stolen - Can't teach a 14 yr old other than by experience

    My son saved up for & bought a new Carrera Crixus CX bike over 2 years ago but he has gone off using it for anything other than utility rides. We've been on at him to lock it, and not to leave his stuff (particularly fishing gear) lying around the front garden even though we live in a quiet...
  27. david k

    Carrera Subway 2

    thinking of buying a mountain bike, I already have 3 and I really need to make space Any ideas how sellable my subway would be? It's about 5 years old but well looked after and recently services with new chain and cassette I think it's a 22" frame, I'm 6'2" and it's ideal for me
  28. biggs682

    16" Carrera Vulcan V spec SOLD

    For sale : 16" Carrera Vulcan "V" spec mtb bike , hardly used 1 previous owner in good but dusty condition . Black paintwork with contrasting blue decals full carrera finishing kit . 7005 Alloy frame with suntour xctv2 adjustable front forks , tektro v brakes all round , 3 x 8 sram gearing ...
  29. S

    Halfords 2007 Carrera Fury Upgrade ?

    Hi I am looking to update the Chainwheel,rear mech,rear cluster on my 2007 Carera Fury.(and any other parts req) My aim is to keep the same gears for up hill but to have a bit more speed on the flat ground. any advice is welcome Many thanks Phil
  30. taximan

    Carlton Carrera

    I have recently acquired a Carlton Carrera which seems to still have most of its original parts. However the front forks do not seem to match the rest of the bike. I think when new, the bike was fitted with fully chromed Forks. Can anyone confirm this. My bike is currently fitted with black...
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