Carry on riding or rest?


I did a reasonable road ride on Sunday, a very lumpy 60 miles. This has been my longest ride for ages due to having the lurgy that has been doing the rounds for NINE weeks:evil:

I`m pretty much back to normal now and enthusiasm is taking over again thank goodness! Problem is my legs are screaming after Sunday, even sore to the touch. I managed to cycle to work on Monday and today (23 miles/day) but am not recovering and am getting slower.

Is it best to take the car and rest tomorrow?xx(, or just take it easy and plough on until Friday? Arguments for and against both, not sure what to do...........


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I think after your recent illness, you should maybe consider resting.
You can build back up to your usual miles/commute but listen to your body :smile:


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MTFU Get back on that bike & ride the long way to work, seriously if you have to ask then you need to rest, you don't need our permission, says he who hasn't ridden in 6 months as I'm recovering from a 3 mile ride last September :whistle:


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You'll not particularly recover by keeping going, ergo:rest to improve


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Your dilemma is one I face daily - keen to ride, getting the miles in, but fatigued. The head says yes but the legs so noooooo. I always have TWO rest days a week. otherwise my times drop off a cliff. Try and tie in the rest days with bad weather or non cycling priorities like life, kids, pet care and oh, working.


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Enthusiasm vs resting is a forever internal debate of mine. No matter how many times I should have learnt otherwise enthusiasm always wins. Usually results in injury in other exercise activities, cycling however just results in deader and dead legs for me, so it's worth throwing in a rest day and allowing the legs to be stronger afterwards.
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