Cars on decking...

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Salford, UK
There's a house near where I work, and they've just put in decking in the front garden.

And parked their car on it. Is this a recipe for disaster? It's a smallish people carrier, so not tiny. The decking isn't raised a lot from the ground, but it must be up a couple of inches, on the battens.

We're all sure the car is going to go through it, sooner or later and with lesser or greater degrees of suddeness.


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It could well be a recipe for disaster. Depends if they've built it strong enough the carry the loading.

jay clock

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Hampshire UK
if the cross beams onto which the decking planks are laid are firmly set on concrete pads or paving, then the weight should be spread quite neatly. Although I would love to see some pics if I am wrong!

Night Train

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Wait until a winter has happened.

The planks will be damp and starting to rot underneath and the top will be slippery with green slime.:biggrin:
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