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Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by roundisland, 12 May 2010.

  1. roundisland

    roundisland Über Member

    Just had my rear cassette changed today on the way home noticed a noise coming from the cassette on furuthur inspection I can see the 2nd smallest sprockets on the cassette it loose surly they would have noticed this when fitting it? anything i can do to rectify it??

  2. rh100

    rh100 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if you could do much unless you have the correct tool.

    Is it a cassette that slots onto a freehub do you know? If so then it should all be held in place with a lockring. My cassette for example comes in three parts, the two smallest cogs being apart from the rest, and the lockring along with the splines of the hub body hold it all together. the lockring has its teeth for the tool around the inner diameter.

    there is another type, called a freewheel block, not too sure about those though
  3. Take it back and ask the shop to tighten it. Should take about a minute! Should be ok to ride but don't stamp on the pedals. Unless you have a Shimano? lockring tool (I assume).
    If you have ever invested in a Lidl bike toolkit, there is one in there! As rh says - you'll soon see how it fits in the lockring.
  4. OP

    roundisland Über Member

    thanks for the replies all really useful, I will take it back and get it tightened up.

    I had a 30 and they have changed it for what he described as a 28 since i do a lot of loaded touring hope this is not going to have much affect on hill climbing, apparently none of his suppliers could provide a 30.
  5. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin The Marmalade Kid

    me too
  6. rh100

    rh100 Well-Known Member

    I have a spacer on mine as it's a 7 speed cassette on an 8 speed hub, would the whole lot not be loose if it were missing?

    Roundisland, what speed is yours? I recently replaced mine with a SRAM cassette that goes to 32 teeth.

    It's much cheaper if you look online elsewhere though (chain reaction let me down so had to use Halfords :biggrin: )

    Also, it has a bit of a jump between the lower gears as they are fairly widely spaced, but I got used to it.
  7. rh100

    rh100 Well-Known Member

    ah right, makes sense
  8. Fair point Lee and Steve - I only ever slide a replacement Campag 'block' from its holder onto the spline. The whole assembly clicks in place and it is hard to 'lose' a spacer. I guess Shimano/Sram are the same-ish? :sad: (I have only just started using Shimano and have hardly got a clue how to change gear - let alone change a block! :smile:
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