Cateye stealth 50 comm's error

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I have just been given a cateye stealth 50, it is replacing my garmin edge 200, but I can't seem to get it to communicate with my laptop, I have a macbook air, I have downloaded cateye sync but it seems incapable of recognising the device.

Has anyone experienced similar issues?

Should have stuck with a garmin but I fancied being able to see my heart rate as well on the one device

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Try a different USB port ?

Not quite knowing what I'm walking about, if you have an Android device and USB host cable, just maybe you can browse the Stealth from Android for a simple send via a utility app or a copy and paste ?


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I have the same issue with the Stealth 50, however I am using a Windows 8 PC. It recognised the device but after I went out to check that the cadence/speed sensor and HRM were working I tried to download the ride nothing showed up. I put it down to not completing a full mile.


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I've sussed it :wahhey: to upload the files you need to:
1. Switch the computer on.
2. Press the mode button until you get to the distance screen.
3. Press and hold the mode button until the distance reading goes to zero.
4. Plug it into your Mac and click the download activity screen.

In other words you need to reset the distance after every ride in order to upload the information. I've just spent a productive hour with the pdf instructions

Hope this helps ^_^
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