Cateye Strada Cadence Cycle Computer


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Lowest price and a cadence readout.
I'm mindful of the fact that I'm a bit of a grinder, and if I want my knees to last well into old age (can't give up the ski-ing), I would need to start spinning more. Also fancied the idea of a cycle computer so that I could see how fast I was travelling and if my commuting times were coming down or not.

So, is it any good?

Installation - not too bad. I started one evening, but didn't have anything like enough time - leave 30mins spare, as you can't do half the job and then finish it off later. Mostly simple to do - although I'm an engineer by trade, I'm by no means the most dexterous or competent person when it comes to using my hands. All fitted well the first time. The magnet on the pedal all seemed a bit casual - used a big cable tie and the installation looks more than a bit casual - would like to have seen something better here. Cables fitted well - wireless just seems like an unnecessary expense to make the system less reliable.

Did it work? First time with no adjustments.

In action:
Screen - this isn't the largest thing in history, and will only show the speed in the large numbers, other data is in smaller numbers at the bottom, and aren't really visible when you are out of the saddle. Adjusting time, wheel diameter, etc is more than a little fiddly, and don't know why there is a two wheel option, unless I can buy an installation kit (sensors, cables, etc) for my second bike, should I get one. However operating it when it is on the bike is very easy - one push and you cycle through the options of what is displayed at the bottom. The cradle holds the computer securely.
How are my knees?
Yes, very useful having a Cadence sensor. I now know what my cadence is instantaneously. I can now get the feel of what is right, and then learn that for use later - hopefully will become intuitive before too long. I've also noticed that you don't go any quicker grinding the higher gears - drop a couple of cogs, spin those pedals, and you are going just as fast.

Yes - if you are a regular cyclist, but not serious, and don't want to spend shed loads of money on having lots of fun, but relatively useless features, it gives you cadence counting for a reasonable price, and helps you keep your knees going through to dotage.

This morning, had a clean run, took the quickest route into work, and had a running average speed of 17.2mile/h, into a headwind. Happy? You bet!!


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I've got one of these too and it is great, BUT reliability seems to be an issue. Occasionally it will not show speed or cadence and a friend with the same model has the same problem. Wiggling the computer on the mount seems to fix it.

I have covered 1100 miles with it now and it was dodgy for about 200-300 miles during that, I could never quite work out if it was due to damp in the depths of winter or because the contacts on the back of the head unit were wearing down, but it seems to have been fine recently.

I would be interested to hear if yours ends up doing the same. Apart from the intermittent problem it has been great and has good features for the money.

The cadence readout has really changed the way I ride, it was very difficult to get used to spinning my legs initially but I would say I am much stronger on the bike as a result. I always used to keep an eye on miles covered with my previous computer but now I tend to keep a constant watch on the cadence as it tells me a lot about my state of fatigue.
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