Cautionary tale

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For weeks ago last Wednesday I was smidseyed by a guy who did a 270 degree turn to avoid waiting at a level crossing.

I was scooped off to hospital with suspected fractured thumb, damaged back and grazed knee.

I got all the details from the driver and witnesses and CTC on the case.

Two week in the thumb and back were okish with moderate painkillers and the knee graze was more or less healed.

Went to the gym and did an easy 20 minutes on the spinning bike, feeling great.

Next day, knee swells up and for a week i can hardly walk.

Cutting the long story short...GP....Orthopod....MRI and I have a grade 1 strain of the PCL - no cycling for 4-6 weeks only gym work allowed on the static bike.

Moral of the tale: the least serious of the injuries apparent at the time turned out to be the most serious. If involved in an accident, get full details even if you feel ok, injuries sometimes take a while to show.


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Sunny Wakefield
Smashed into acar whilst doing 20+mph. Knee twisted, groin impaled on stem, hands a bit cut.
Most bits are ok now but my hands. Can't get my wedding ring on, intermittant pain in fingers from an accident in Feb.
Happy days.
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