Scotland : Perthshire CC Ecosse Perth Ride - Sat 11 Aug 12

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  • The Ride: TechMech's fabulous Perth Ride
  • Meeting Place: Statue in North Inch, Perth. Should be a photo here
  • Meeting Time: 1100 - this should give time for train travellers to ride to the start
  • Distance: ~70km (40 miles)
  • Terrain: mostly flat, some lumps, no real hills; cycle paths and quiet roads; excellent for new people, beginners; great for more experienced
  • Ride Time: about 4hrs actual riding :bicycle: - more including stops :hungry:
  • Stops: ~ 25km ?? Chapelhill Inn PROBABLY NOT - DODGY WATER and EXTREMELY LIMITED FOOD; ~58km Pitcairngreen Inn (some food - but not very much CAKE :hungry: ! :eek:
  • Pleasure Rating: High ^_^ - this is a lovely ride
Please complete the Poll and we'll see who is coming - ALL ARE WELCOME :wahhey:
Remember the 3 key rules of CC Ecosse Forum Rides:​
  1. NO ONE gets left behind
  2. ANY BIKE will do
  3. There WILL BE CAKE ! :hungry: (though could be a bit limited on this one :blush:)
It is also recommended that you bring:
  • appropriate clothing (well, Duh :rolleyes:) - sun cream/rain jackets/leggings/woolly bunnet :wacko:
  • spare inner tube/puncture kit
  • drinks and food - for the ride and 'bonk rations'


I'm told :ohmy: I'm Unavailable :sad:


Über Member
Not sure if I'll be able to make this one, I'll see how I feel after the one on the 4th which I'm definitely going too ^_^


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Today would have been a nice day for it, it's finally not raining!


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Anyway, back on topic. Who's getting the 9:41 train from Queen Street to Perth that arrives at 10:36? Is that definitely the one that people are going for, safe to make a reservation?
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