C'est Le Secteur!


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Here's my new bike :laugh:

Specialized Secteur Elite in the biggest frame size they do!!

...and my first ever drop bar bike!!! :laugh:


My Armchair


[jealous]The grass needs cutting, a couple of the bricks need replacing, the fence could do with some wood treatment and the conifers have seen better days.[/jealous]

Nice bike, though. :laugh:


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dmoran said:
Jeeeesss', TechMech how tall are you? That bike looks massive!
I'm massive too!!

6'3 with 35 inside leg, but short on my top half. I tried a 58cm one and I had to max out the seat post just to get near the right height, however the reach and seating position was good.

So it was recommended to go for the 61cm. However, as I've just PM'd back the Postman, the 61cm has a longer top tube and the same 120mm stem as the 58cm. After riding it yesterday I felt I was reaching way too far forward and my shoulders and left elbow was aching. So I've now swapped the stem for the 90mm Easton EA70 that I had on my Boardman and it's brought the reach/seating position right back to comfy again, and after 45 miles today no soreness either ;)
Nice bike Tech, you'll cruise the Etape now ;)
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