Chain movement + Rear wheel dust cap


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Hi all.

Couple of probably stupid questions but im new to the maintenance side of things and id rather not mess the bike up before its even got going properly, so....

1) On the chain side of things, when the chain moves around the chainring at a point in the rotation it moves in a good 1-2mm inwards and grinds against the front part of the derallieur which makes the ultimate alignment rather tricky as it needs to be so far out that it then grinds against the smaller cogs for about 3 gears which obviously means im losing alot of options further up the set. Is the chainring potentially not quite square or is it the derallieur? Any pointers appreciated!

2) Now for the dust cap on the rear wheel (non-geared side), this causes a rather annoying squek as you go along - does this need to revolve with the wheel or be "stuck" to the axle(?) and not spin?This is purely for my sanity so if its best just left alone i can live with it!

Thanks in advance for any help or advice people have! :girl:


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1) Presume you mean its rubbing on the front derailleur?? Also, I hope your chainring is potentially out of square, its better to have them circular;) Seriously, sounds like the front chainring is a bit bent. Grip it with an adjustable spanner tightened onto it, and straighten it up. Other than that I was a bit confused by your wording.

2) Dust cap is usually a push fit into the rotating part of the hub and should spin around the axle.

Hope this helps, maybe try to clarify your explanation of the first problem:smile:


There seems to be play in the cranks so that when pressure is applied the chainring wanders off course.

Give the cranks a good shake to see if there is any play in the B/B area - if so either the B/B needs tightening or needs replacing.


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Cheers for the quick reply guys ill have a look tonight when i get back to see if i can update a bit more! its only about 2 weeks old so hopefully not a replacement already!lol

1) I mean that at the rear of the front derailier guide its got more than enough clearance but at the front it catches when the chain jumps in the 2mm so i have to move the guide even further out to compensate hence grinding on the smaller cog gears earlier...thats probably less clear than before!lol
2) if its supposed to spin is it ok to lube it up or will that potentially perish it and let dust into the bearings etc?
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