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Has anyone actually ever *bought* a bottle of champagne? The only time I've ever seen anyone procuring it is at work events where they award it to over-achieving employees.

I've currently got two drawer units full of it at the office and sometimes I take one home for my evening drink. However, it doesn't work like normal wine whilst watching Eastenders, because you have to stand up every 5 minutes to belch and release the gas.

I think it's a bit pretentious to indulge in wine you have to stand up to drink.


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Christ, yeah, we often buy it.


We buy the real stuff from time to time, typically to celebrate something. We had a bottle of the real stuff at New Year. But, we aslo drink rather a lot of Cava - probably a couple of bottles a week as we enjoy making champagne cocktails and Cava is ideal for this. Somerfield sell perfectly drinkable (well in a cocktail anyway) Cava for £3.20.
Peter said:
I find a dash of Barcardi takes the edge off :biggrin:

* Makes a note *


I seem to recall that, as an Oxford student, I was obliged - nay, required - to contribute a bottle of Moet & Chandon to the post-exams p!ss-up. A very strange custom, peculiar to Oxford I believe :biggrin::biggrin:. I was young and innocent and thought it advisable to 'go along with the flow'. Mind you, it cost me a lot less in those days, about 30/- I think. Don't think I've bought any of the 'genuine' article since then.

But we had a very nice bottle of the local sparkling wine a few days ago for Xmas - local, that is, to us here in Sussex, the Ridgeview vineyard near Ditchling, almost on our back door. And very nice it was too - not cheap mind you! I believe you can get it from our local Waitrose.


English sparkling wine has been getting high praise recently (in the last few years). I'm not sure whether the praise has come from the English Sparkling Wine Marketing Board or independant sources.
me and the mrs cracked open a bottle of 1995 vintage dom p at the new year...yup i did'nt buy it either an enthusiastic boss gave it to me!


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My friendly curry house gave me a bottle of their house red to take home, presumably because we're good customers. I'd rather drink that than the fizzy white stuff any day.
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