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Well there is a place in Texas called Toledo Bend, but I doubt that is what you are talking about :smile:
Texas is where I got my COVID Vaccine, Toledo where I got my booster.
As things currently stand all European borders are open to me.
Without the booster I'd have had problems crossing borders after May. Mind you, I don't quite know how that would have worked out on a bike anyways..... At least until I hit a ferry.

Edited to add.....
Toledo is jaw droppingly amazing!
The Trampoline ...... in a van.....


(From about 18 mins. )
A more professional approach.....
Bikepacking The Andes - A Colombian Gravel Epic:


It's an hour and a half long but worth it. Listen out for the alarm birds! And laugh out loud at his comment about riding fully laden.^_^

Sorry to quote my own post but.....

I bumped into Jenny (from the video) today and was able to give feedback on the video! ^_^

It could well be said that the fastest female bike tourist on the planet met the slowest ^_^

I had tears in my eyes lifting her bike and she had tears trying to lift mine - but for completely different reasons:laugh:

And it's a toss up if she was the most interesting person I met today - I spent more time chatting than cycling:blush:

Bike touring - it's feckin' great!

Thanks. I have watched that one. Very envious that HobbesonTour got to meet Jenny Graham. I think she's awesome.

I bet you wish you were still in Spain for all kinds of reasons^_^.

To my shame I only knew of her from the video - endurance riding and records aren't exactly my thing. It was only later that I had a quick peep online inspired by something she said to discover that she's the fastest female circumnavigator. 😊

A very pleasant and down to earth character.
I have found it! The ultimate non-bike, bike touring accessory!^_^

Not in the least guaranteed to make the bike tourist lighter or faster (although it may help us seem that way!), not made of the latest, lightweight polywhatsitsname (it's one of the oldest traveller's friends from a material that's probably older than humans) and it's probably not for the health conscious.


This is my Bota! A wineskin made from goatskin.

It'll hold a litre of vino tinto.^_^
The half litre size was too small for sharing, the 1.5 litre seemed indulgent and I don't have a tinto problem big enough or sufficient amigos for the 4 litre version.^_^

If anyone is unsure..... Spain is feckin' amazing! ^_^
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