Cheap shimano 9sp MTB rear mech

super cheap cheap if possible - I mean they were last in use when the ark was being finished.

Thanks in advance
I don't know how cheap you expect a bit of quality shimano engineering to be.
But I'd look at a contemporary Alivio - current Alivio stuff is I think very close to what was once branded Deore.
I'd buy something like that new as you should be able to get free postage - not worth bothering with the bay as a rule on that sort of thing as you would most likely have to pay £3 or so postage on top.

Ajax Bay

East Devon
I don't think the OP is looking for advice on what type of RD to buy. He's after one someone (on here) has to sell (or has spotted second-hand). Clue is the sub-forum title.
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