1. Tom B

    What MTB tyres are we running for muddy winter?

    I've just got back from my first curtailed (snapped gear cable) MTB ride for a while. I'm in Northwest England with lots of moorland tracks paths. It seems the landscape has got a bit soft and squishy in the time i've been away and my 2× Rocket Rob Tyres which are increasingly worn...
  2. zomarzi

    MTB TYRES £50

  3. Brandane

    MTB miles more productive.

    This has no doubt been mentioned before, but I used my MTB for it's intended purpose today. About 3 miles of fairly steep climbing mostly on rutted, wet, leaf covered Land Rover track, followed by a long downhill on similar surface (the track to the top of the Haylie Brae within the boundaries...
  4. Shropshire65LW

    some misc parts for sale MTB / HYBID

    new shimano crank set think its altus £25 9 speed altus front and rear derailleur came off a specialized crosstrail 2016 £15 i have a few 27.5 seat posts few seats few used MTB / HYBRID cranksets 2 part worn continental x kings 29 inch £25 2x 26 inch MTB wheels . not QR ive also some 26inch...
  5. bobsinatra

    Entry level pedals for MTB shoes

    Hi I have recently bought these shoes and I have pedals that are compatible with them on one side and a flat pedal on the other. Now that I have the MTB shoes, I was thinking of getting a double sided pedal to go with the shoes. Any recommendations appreciated...
  6. Twilkes

    Hybrid commuter to casual MTB

    I used a Kona Dew for commuting for years on 32mm slicks at 90psi and it was fine for that - if I put some bigger rugged tyres on it would it serve as an occasional off-road bike? Currently it digs a trench into anything except hard ground and doesn't cope with stones/gravel at all, tyres should...
  7. bobsinatra

    Setting up MTB shoes

    Hi I have my first set of clip in shoes. I just wanted to check my understanding of the set up is correct. I have attached a video of the pedals I have and the shoes. There is no real play in the shoes, but I work out where the ball of my foot is compared to the cleat, and then tighten the...
  8. Lovacott

    Best MTB Under £1000

    Hi folks, I am looking to buy a new MTB for my daily commute and my main criteria are sturdiness, clean gear changes, good tyres and quick stopping. I'm not fussed about looks or brand name. I want something which is well built and won't let me down in the middle of nowhere. I am pretty...
  9. weareHKR

    MTB Handlebar Grips

    Anyone have a preference on the bar grips they use? Not necessarily for Mountain Biking but general street use as well?
  10. Lozi

    Modern Groupset On Old MTB? Di2 Even?

    I am at roughly 4000 miles on my 2010 Kona Cindercone (3000 logged since getting strava) on the original drivetrain and its pretty tired to say the least so after this winter i am debating getting a whole new groupset for it, its currently Deore 9 speed 3x with XT hubs. Can this bike accept a...
  11. BigTam

    Merida One Forty 800 MTB for sale, new price, £1500 SOLD

    I am selling this MTB, it is as new, done 26 miles, I have changed the tyres to Maxis Ardent Race and fitted RRP Pro Guards, front and rear. Will throw in a digital fork pump too. The bike is a M frame, it is immaculate, cost me £2750 for the bike alone, looking for £2000...
  12. Chrismawa

    First Bike Project Giant Chicago MTB

    Picked up my first bike project to work on over the winter. It's a Giant Chicago MTB and I picked it up for £30 which I don't think was too bad. Its a bit rusty, the brakes are seized but the drivetrain mechanics work fine. I have acquired two free bikes this week which I will break down and use...
  13. AliShah2020

    How to measure MTB stem

    Hi all, I'm learning how to upgrade my bike myself and fairly new to biking. Can I please ask, is this the correct way to measure the stem and does this mean my stem is 55mm? Or is it 60mm? I'm looking to shorten the stem, as the long reach hurts my elbow joints during long commutes...
  14. Ridgeway

    Road fit vs MTB fit

    Had a good year so far on the road with some decent improvements although climbing speed is still my nemesis, targeting more weight reduction and trying to increase my FTP to hopefully see some improvements next Spring. In the mean time I’ve taken a first step in to the World of MTBing as I...
  15. Ridgeway

    Bidon carrying solutions on Suspension MTB

    Even my lingo gives me a away as a roadie..... So where on earth do a put a bidon on this: Tried the seat post on both sides but not quite enough space finally. Can only imagine on the top tube up close towards the headset ? Just can't see me using a "rucksack".....
  16. kiwifruit

    MTB bits for sale

    Just upgraded my mountain bike groupset so got some used bits for sale. Sram crankset with 30T and bottom bracket. £25 GX 2.1 derailleur 10 speed £15 Sunrace 11-40 10 speed cassette £17 GX 10 speed shifter £15 Or All for £65. prices includes postage.
  17. biggs682

    Bob Jackson Grand Montana mtb

    Just back from picking this up locally , I mean how can you resist a Bob Jackson with full Reynolds 531 , lugs with lining and large flange cranks . This could be my winter bike once I have cleaned the dust off it . Seller seems to think it's was built in 1984 for his step dad .
  18. Kernow_T

    Cheap shimano 9sp MTB rear mech

    super cheap cheap if possible - I mean they were last in use when the ark was being finished. Thanks in advance
  19. AliShah2020

    27.5 or 29 for street/road hard tail MTB?

    Hi all, What's better for street/road riding? 27.5 or 29? I'd like to get a hard tail for my son, and for us it is a significant investment. I would like to splash out for him but get the right wheel size bike for where he will be riding most. Thanks for your input :bicycle:😊
  20. BigTam

    Maxis MTB tyres (SOLD)

    Maxis Minion DHR II EXO TR and Maxis Rekon 3C EXO TR, both 27.5 x 2.6, with tubes, folding, taken off my new bike, done 2 miles, as new, £60 posted
  21. TTSS

    Mens Merlin 19" Tange Double Butted MTB. Middleburn/Thomson. Sold.

    A very regrettable sale. @ 2008. 26 inch wheel. 9 speed Shimano Deore shifters with new inner and outer cables.. A virtually new set of Middleburn Chain Rings. (Triple). (nearly £100). Polished Shimano XT spider. Brand new Shimano XTR Hollowtech II Bottom Bracket. The frame and fork is...
  22. B

    How to “age a Claud Butler Enduro MTB”?

    Apologies if I’m not in the right area here but looking for some advice on the above bike which my son has bought. I can’t see a frame number under the bottom bracket but just above that near the bottom of the seat tube there is a sticker which says Special select CR-MO and a number HO33550...
  23. TTSS

    Mens Tange Steel MTB Rifle Barrelled tubing 19" Mountain/Touring Bike. Sold.

    For sale: 19" Mens Mountain/Touring Bike. A very regrettable sale as I do not have the space for two bikes. @ 2008. 26" wheel. 9 speed Shimano Deore group set. A virtually new set of Middleburn Chain Rings. (Triple). Polished Shimano XT spider. Brand new Shimano XTR Hollowtech II Bottom...
  24. AliShah2020

    MTB Tyre Change Advice

    Hi all, I am new to changing tyres, this will be my first time. I currently have WTB Trail Boss on my MTB. I wanted to change to faster urban road tyres. Can I reuse the inner tube, or do I need to replace it please? My current tyres are a 27.5 (650b): I intend to change to WTB Thickslick...
  25. PHL67

    Vintage Retro Peugeot Anaconda Mtb

    My completed retro Mtb which I purchased then stripped and rebuilt. Bought after I sold my Kona. Running Exage gearing and brakes. Mavic rims. New 21 speed gear/ brake levers. new amber walls. new cables. Original yellow turbo saddle ( has some damage but looks great).
  26. Reynard

    Secondhand Raleigh Junior Rigid MTB: lemon or worth a punt?

    Could just use a bit of advice / reassurance to make sure I'm not potentially ending up with a lemon... Local recycling place has a Raleigh Max 24 junior MTB up for grabs for a pony. Seems to be a smaller version of the adult bike as far as I can tell. I think it's my size (or at least in the...
  27. Trek_Girl

    Are special MTB shoes a necessity?

    Hello I am new here and you could say new to cycling. I have a Trek mountain bike and just wearing a pair of normal trainers however was wondering do these special MTB shoes that you can buy from wiggle, planet x make any noticable difference for speed and resistance. No matter what gear I'm...
  28. Andrew_Culture

    [NO LONGER WANTED] 29er hardtail MTB please

    I'm looking for a 29er hard tail mountain bike. Budget of around £500.
  29. D

    Raleigh MTB Bottom Bracket

    Being part way through resuscitating an elderly Raleigh MTB, from around 1990, into a Hybrid/Hack type bike, I will have to remove the cranks and strip, clean & grease the cup & cone bottom bracket, which has loads of play in it, my question is, if the BB has had it, will this be an English...
  30. jay clock

    FOR SALE Cannondale F1000SL mtb with Headshok - ultra light - size medium

    Cannondale F1000SL 2004 - size Medium I have owned this since new and estimate it has done max 2000 miles in 16 years. I mostly do road and touring, and this has done about 100 miles in the last 10 years, and stored in a dry shed. Supposedly one of the lightest mtbs ever made. Very high spec...
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