1. Gixxerman

    1" steerer MTB suspension fork for 24" kids bike.

    My sister bought a bike for her lad for £30. It is quite decent. However, the front fork is seized solid. No amount of force by yours truely could budge it. So does anyone happen to have an old pair of forks, or some off a scrapper they can salvage before chucking it? They are 1" steerer...
  2. GuyBoden

    Chainline with a MTB Hollowtech2 chainset.

    I'm thinking of putting a MTB Deore triple Chainset and Derailleur on my roadbike, currently the bike has a square taper chainset. The MTB Deore triple Chainset has hollowtech2, which I know very little about. The axle length seems to be fixed, so, how do you get the correct chainline? Is it...
  3. fasturtle

    Should I get a road bike or gravel bike instead of a mountain bike

    Hi everyone. I have recently got back into riding. I currently have an old rigid mountain bike with 15 gears and 26 inch tyres. I have been increasing my distance and I do realize that being a bit overweight and starting from scratch I will be a bit slow. When I am out on my rides I see a lot of...
  4. Lostagain

    Sold Giant Rock - ladies MTB

    Selling for my daughter. Size is XS - described when we bought it as a "small ladies bike", would fit someone up to about 5'4". 26" wheels, Aluxx frame, Suntour forks, Shimano 21 speed. Good bike, though cover on left hand shifter is missing - doesn't affect gear change. £45 or near offer...
  5. Nigel182

    For Sale Shimano MD86 SPD MTB Shoes EU Size 44

    For Sale Shimano MD86 MTB SPD Shoes with Cleats These are worn but in reasonable condition with plenty of life left in them. £20 with Recorded Postage Included
  6. Nigel182

    SOLD Northwave Raptor GTX SPD Winter MTB Boots UK Size 11 EU 45

    For Sale UK Size 11 Northwave Raptor GTX SPD Winter MTB Boots In Good Condition with Cleats. Used these for Winter Commuting to Work feet were very Warm and Toasty in them £55 with Recorded Postage Included.
  7. C

    MTB pedals on a road bike - should I change?

    So I put mtb pedals on my road bike last year, first time with clipped in. Like them and did this as wanted to be able to walk easier when not riding. However this year I have noticed the outside of my right foot will ache at around 10-15 miles. Nothing too bad but enough for slight discomfort...
  8. DCBassman

    ***SOLD***Pair Ritchey Logic MTB Brake Levers.

    These were on the mixte when I got it, powering the Weinmann 730 calipers. As far as I can research, these were designed for cantis, but they do work well with calipers generally, just not the rather poor Weinmanns. Not spotless, cosmetically, but otherwise OK. Tenner delivered.
  9. Reynard

    SORTED: MTB levers for cantilever brakes

    Am hoping to do a little favour for a non-bike-savvy friend who has discovered that plastic brake levers don't exactly inspire confidence. He rides a Raleigh MTB of similar type and age to my 1998 Raleigh Max. I do have a pair of Chang Stars, but they're for side pull calipers of a decidedly...
  10. Arrowfoot

    Gravel Bike or MTB ?

    Came across this and wondered which would be the more appropriate ? View:
  11. avsd

    Fitting MTB Chainset to a Road Frame - 5mm too long!

    Looking for some advice after making a rookie mistake. I do touring with panniers each year on a road bike. Used to have mechanical triple at the front which was a godsend on a few hills e,g, Tor Head. I then got bitten by the Di2 bug and 'upgraded' to a compact. I love Di2 - pure indulgence...
  12. S

    Boardman Mtb

    Spotted a mtb for sale, Boardman 8.8 mht 2019, anyone have experience of this model. not many reviews online and the drivetrain 1 x 11 Sram NX seems to be in scarce supply and scarily expensive.
  13. G

    Using an Android phone app to follow an mtb route

    Hi, I have a old phone and being a tight g1t I am wondering if I can use an app on it to navigate a route rather than buying a bike computer. So with audio notifications if you go wrong etc. Is this something Strava offers - I'm having a look but I must be missing it as I can see lots on how...
  14. Lovacott

    Looking for a compromise between a £1000 Boardman SLR 8.9 road bike and a £125 Halfords Apollo MTB.

    Having done quite a few very blissful miles on the Boardman but reluctant to do the daily commute on the same bike, I'm looking to upgrade my seven year old Halfords Apollo commuting bike to a better spec. I'm happy with the geometry of the Apollo but the drive train and build quality isn't...
  15. TTSS

    19" Gary Fisher Big Sur Hardtail MTB - Sold.

    Lightweight (around 20 lbs). 2006 Gary Fisher Big Sur. 19" frame so suitable for rider 5' 10" - 6' 2". This is in exceptional condition and has only done 150 miles from new. The frame is completely unmarked. I removed the original tyres from it as the write ups on them were not the best...
  16. T

    Tiagra 4700 triple chainset and MTB shifters

    I’m building a new bike using parts in the shed. I have a nice 4700 triple chainset and Fd but want flat bars. Will this work with MTB shifters (if so which ones). Anybody know?
  17. Hicky

    MTB shifters 3x7

    Hi, does anyone have some 3x7 MTB shifters for sale? Ta Carl
  18. dutchguylivingintheuk

    Mtb to IGH 8 speed conversion

    So i have a Carrera Crossfire 1 bike, currently it once again has issues with his gears and his wheel hubs are gone. Now i can change this but to be very honest it is'nt worth the investment for me in terms off, for the same money i can be a second hand. However currently everything has...
  19. E

    Budget MTB Decathlon

    Dear forum A friend is looking for a budget bike and is torn between these two For various reasons decathlon is the only option Is it...
  20. Nigel182

    SOLD Fox Indicator 2XL MTB Jersey Long Sleeve.

    For Sale Good Condition Fox Indicator 2XL Long Sleeve Jersey from a Smoke and Pet Free Household. Comes in at 22 inch Pit to Pit and has a Camo Print on the Back £15 postage included
  21. Lovacott

    Any Tips For An MTB Rider Taking His First Ride Out On A Road Bike?

    The last time I had a road bike was over 20 years ago. It had a five speed freewheel with a single chainring and the gears were selected with a friction lever (not indexed). I had those pull up brake lever extensions for when you fancied sitting bolt upright and taking it easy. The frame was...
  22. E

    Which old mtb for flatbar gravel conversion?

    Which old mtb frames would be the best for conversion to gravel/commuter/beater/fun bike? I was looking at a rigid Stumpjumper but realized it doesn't have any rack/mudguard mounts.
  23. livpoksoc

    Converting a MTB bike cassette size

    Trying to find a way to use both my MTB and Road bike on a smart trainer. I have a 10 speed cassette on my road bike and smart trainer, but by MTB has an 8 speed group set (with triple front ring). Is it as simple as changing the cassette and chain to a 10 speed set up, or are the extra...
  24. Astore

    Optima Storm MTB.

    I've just been given this bike by my neighbour. He bought it about 7 years ago and then went in for a hip operation. The bike has been in his garage ever since and never ridden. I've never come across Optima bikes before, it looks pretty entry level, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in...
  25. Tom B

    What MTB tyres are we running for muddy winter?

    I've just got back from my first curtailed (snapped gear cable) MTB ride for a while. I'm in Northwest England with lots of moorland tracks paths. It seems the landscape has got a bit soft and squishy in the time i've been away and my 2× Rocket Rob Tyres which are increasingly worn...
  26. zomarzi

    MTB TYRES £50

  27. Brandane

    MTB miles more productive.

    This has no doubt been mentioned before, but I used my MTB for it's intended purpose today. About 3 miles of fairly steep climbing mostly on rutted, wet, leaf covered Land Rover track, followed by a long downhill on similar surface (the track to the top of the Haylie Brae within the boundaries...
  28. Shropshire65LW

    some misc parts for sale MTB / HYBID

    new shimano crank set think its altus £25 9 speed altus front and rear derailleur came off a specialized crosstrail 2016 £15 i have a few 27.5 seat posts few seats few used MTB / HYBRID cranksets 2 part worn continental x kings 29 inch £25 2x 26 inch MTB wheels . not QR ive also some 26inch...
  29. bobsinatra

    Entry level pedals for MTB shoes

    Hi I have recently bought these shoes and I have pedals that are compatible with them on one side and a flat pedal on the other. Now that I have the MTB shoes, I was thinking of getting a double sided pedal to go with the shoes. Any recommendations appreciated...
  30. Twilkes

    Hybrid commuter to casual MTB

    I used a Kona Dew for commuting for years on 32mm slicks at 90psi and it was fine for that - if I put some bigger rugged tyres on it would it serve as an occasional off-road bike? Currently it digs a trench into anything except hard ground and doesn't cope with stones/gravel at all, tyres should...
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