1. MachersMan

    MTB suggestions please.

    I have road bikes but find it hard to find the motivation to get on them during the wetter, colder months. So I'm thinking of purchasing a MTB and doing some off road riding this winter. For some reason being wet and cold on a road doesn't appeal to me but being wet, cold and muddy in a field...
  2. jay clock

    Recommend me a gravel bike to replace my MTB

    I have a fleet of bikes, road, tourer, folders and an excellent lightweight MTB from 2003 (a Cannondale F1000SL from 2003). The MTB has had virtually zero use in the past several years (like literally twice) and the headset has now packed up and due to being a HeadShok parts are not available...
  3. Zipp2001

    My first visit to MTB Heaven !

    I've known about this mtb region for many years but never really had an urge to go visit it. So today was half day Friday and since it is not far from where I work I figured why not go see why all the local mtb riders flock here. I spent 3 1/4 hours just exploring a bunch of fun challenging (for...
  4. fossyant

    What Colour ? - MTB colour Change !

    My old Diamond Back Ascent started life out as a Marble Grey Colour in the early 90's. Became very unfashionable so I had the bike re-painted a darkish blue colour that's been on the bike 15 plus years. It still looks pretty good, but I fancy giving it a spruce up. There is nothing wrong...
  5. ozboz

    Rigid carbon MTB forks

    I am after some of these for my new MTB , I a not to keen on bouncy ones , I am leaning toward Exotic from Carbon Cycles , but if there are any others to look at it would be handy , Cheers!
  6. steveindenmark

    Winter MTB Boots

    I am looking for a pair of MTB winter boots which must be dry and warm in all weather. My attention has been drawn to North Wave boots. Is anybody else using winter boots and can make suggestions? I will be riding down to -10 degrees and will supplimenting boots with warm socks.
  7. DCLane

    SOLD: Raleigh Ascender retro MTB - Large 21" frame 26" wheels - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire - £15

    This is the working Raleigh Ascender which I'd posted about getting hold of a few weeks back. It's a 21" frame, so a Large although I can ride it at 5' 8" it's better for someone a bit taller. Almost entirely original, except for a replacement seatpost clamp and San Marco saddle. Dates from...
  8. cyberknight

    Northwave MTB shoes

    Spike Evo in flouro yellow and black Size 42: Plenty of length but I can only use them with summer socks as I have wide feet, barely used with cleats £30 posted? Pics later as I not at home ATM
  9. I

    26" wheeled basic hardtail mtb

    Looking for the above as a commuter machine during the winter (had one before and it was excellent for the job). Any out there? Preferably with disc brakes and I`m 5`11 Got £300 to spend Thanks
  10. Hacienda71

    Which MTB to Buy?

    I am at a point where N+1 is around the corner. However I can't make up my mind if I go full sus or hard tail. At 6'4 I fancy a 29er, relatively slack and a sensible price (sub £1500) My current bike is a 2004 Stumpy so very old geo and only 100mm of travel, but with lock out. At my price point...
  11. A

    MTB on the road

    I have a Trek 6300 with 11-34 cassette on rear and a 44/32/22 triple chainwheel.I have Schwalbe Kojaks on the rims but I find that I am spinning too much when on the road. How can I go about making it more suitable for roaduse incurring too much expenditure? Any solutions would be welcome.
  12. meta lon

    Marin mtb size small. £525 now sold

    Marin nail trail 7 suit 5'4 - 5'8 Great standover height for aggressive trail riding. Standard bike in excellent condition. 1x11 with 3 front sprocket options, 28- 32 and a 34 with 11-42 rear cassette. Dropper post Yari 120mm fork Slx gearing with Marin chainset Several sets of quality tyres...
  13. Stef 1

    Can't decide between these for first MTB

    I can't decide which would be the better buy. One is a hard tail the other full suss. 1) Vitus Sentier VR 29 (hardtail) - from Wiggle / CRC 2) Calibre Tripple B (Full suss) - from Go Outdoors If money were no object I'd go for a much more expensive full suspension bike, both either of these...
  14. DCLane

    Beat the scrap-men: Raleigh Ascender MTB

    Having had recent purchases go wrong on me - an Orbit 531c which was rusted and seized, plus a carbon wheel which has turned out to have a broken rim - I was suffering a confidence crisis in buying used items. So, en route to Manchester velodrome I passed two bikes with other items, did a quick...
  15. DCBassman

    Rigid mtb, alloy, or as light as possible

    Evenin' all! As my shoulder is as fragile as an egg lately and for the forseeable future, my alu Scott roadie is going to be history fairly soon. My other bike is the venerable Trek 800 Sport, currently in 8-speed 11-34 guise. The CB Uracco mtb is to be rebuilt as an 8-speed for my younger son...
  16. livpoksoc

    Crossing over a road wheel to a MTB for the turbo?

    Evening all, the Mrs has a Cube 10 speed MTB (with discs), she never got to use as she fell pregnant quickly after we bought it. She now wants to try and use it on the TT to get her comfidence bacm. I usually put an old spesh on the TT, but noticed it is also 10 speed (rim brakes). I have put...
  17. gazza81

    Used mtb under £150

    So after not really getting into road cycling im thinking of trying abit of off road riding, just thrashing around the local woods really. I want to try pick up a used mountain bike, for under 150, i know im not going to get much but spent a small fortune to find out road cycling isnt really...
  18. tom73

    Ribble Just Launched Titanium Hardtail MTB

    Not cheep though but look's good no idea if it's on a pair with other Ti MTB
  19. TheDoctor

    SOLD Steel framed MTB - £70

    As part of an ongoing N-1, I'm selling my Raleigh Max Ogre. This is an old-school MTB - steel oversize frame, steel forks, rebuilt with 21 speed STIs and V-brakes. I've just given it a complete service, and it rides really nicely. The slick Geax Street Runner 1.6" tyres, the lack of suspension...
  20. Kevoffthetee

    Newcastle Swap - Giant Defy0 for MTB

    would anyone be interested in a swap. I’m not using my Giant Defy0 Ultegra due to spending more time with my family and am wanting to get another Mountain bike for days out with the kids. VGC and replaced the wheels less that 200 miles ago to Fulcrum Racing 44’s (quattros but with green...
  21. cyberknight

    northwave replacement mtb studs

    Has anyone got any spare + screw please? one fell out of my commuters spike evo`s and i have so far only seen 4 packs for £7 + p &p
  22. meta lon

    Shoe clear out, mtb and road spd spd-sl size 43-44 uk 9

    All like new with hardly any wear. Let me know if your interested and which shoes. The Shimano are RO88 size 44 spd-sl The Specialized 2FO are a narrow fit size 44 spd suit a size 8-8.5 uk And the Carnac Impact are a nice fit 43 which is actually my size. The Shimano and specialized are £30...
  23. fossyant

    MTB Weekender North Wales - October 4-5-6th

    OK Posting early as we need to organise our busy lives, but same format, arrive Friday, beers, ride Sat, beers and fabulous food, ride Sunday, then go home Sunday evening (options to extend stay at my caravan as I have too much holiday, so if anyone want's an extra night or two....). Marin has...
  24. Stevec047

    MTB newbie but not new to cycling.

    So after over 3 years of road bikes the darkside calling was to much to handle and I have got myself a MTB hardtail. To be honest I havent got a clue about the bike other than it was a bargin and its so much fun. 26" is just so much fun. Have already taken it to Chicksands and Danbury and...
  25. Andy in Germany

    Canyon MTB as entry bike...

    The Elder Son has been looking for a full suspension bike to start cross country & downhill riding, and after a great deal of searching he's found the Canyon Neuron AL 6.0. Local mountain bikers generally say it'll do what he wants and is good value for money: I'm interested to know what people...
  26. M

    Deciding between two Botranger shoes (Road & MTB)

    Hi, So following on from my earlier post about SPD shoes (thanks to all who replied!), I’ve “bought” two SPD pairs in size 47 that feels decent enough, both by Bontranger. However they’re so different and at this point in time I think it’s perhaps a bit on the pricey side to keep both although...
  27. ChrisEyles

    Single Speed Hardtail - M frame - £100 - SOLD

    Looking to sell this single speed hardtail MTB that I did up recently. I bought this bike as a donor for another project, then decided it was too nice to languish as a bare frame in the shed, so built it up again as a SS. Medium frame (18" seat tube) 32/17 gearing (brand new 17t sprocket and...
  28. meta lon


    ..... Removed
  29. stelencro

    Lincolnshire mtb trails

    Thinking of moving to Lincolnshire. Are there any decent mtb trails?
  30. U

    MTB Double Chainsets with high tooth counts?

    I need to buy a new Shimano compatible chainset for a bikepacking/mountain bike, either a double, or maybe a triple set that I can convert into a double. My problem is, I want a main large ring of 40t or 42t, and a small ring of 30t or 32t. A 38/28 is not enough for the ratios I need :( I am...
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