Child's Party - No show


that's what i was thinking - end of the birthday party as we know it. could they counter sue for mental anguish?
An RSVP is not contractually binding but I would expect the courtesy of being told.

Trouble is, pathetic parents will cause problems for the children who are innocent in all of this.


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Like User13710 I'm finding it difficult to take sides. One parent who's rude enough for a no-show without any notification, and one who is so self-righteous that they invoice them for it.


As TNM and above post would be my view..what happend to kids just having some fun at the house.
big ideas ,ohh look at what we do for a party..


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We did paintballing for my son this year and had to ring round about it - everyone showed up but I confess it would have been a bit irritating had someone failed to show without letting us know.

Sending an "invoice" is ridiculous though. And good luck in the small claims court - you can't sue for an unpaid invoice - you have to look for the contract behind the invoice.


Errrrr BRB.......*Checks kids party invites for smallprint*


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Dry ski slope for 5 year olds :ohmy: crikey.
I know that I could ski when I was 5 but we lived in Norway and it was kind of expected. I reckon if they are wealthy enough to book a dry ski slope for a bunch of 5 year olds, they can probably afford the odd no show.
I too am curious as the the previous 1431 invoices. Maybe they make a habit of having lots of parties and billing the no-shows.


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Both are at fault. One's bad, the other's worse. Nothing to be proud of either side.

The parents of the kid who didn't go could surely have taken the time to tell the other family their child wouldn't be going. THat is just common decency (and as a parent I am aware that this bit of courtesy is not often extended.)

As for the other lot's invoicing for the no-show - just whacko.


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Is this a sad reflection of today's parents and children?

A dry ski slope? My 5 year-old got a playgym. We've done the local light railway, Diggerland and down a mine. But skiing? :wacko:
What a pair of dorks. They deserve each other. Its poor manners to accept an invitation and not turn without notifiying the host. An RSVP has a distinct purpose. And then this crap about double booked with grandparents and then the fib about not having the contact details when its on the invite. I would cough up the small amount to avoid the publicity and now the media.

ps. The grandparents probably postponed the monthly meeting with the Queen to keep the meet with the grandson.
They haven't got a hope in Hell of winning in court - and the fee is almost twice the claim.

If I were the judge I'd hit the claimant with costs for such a vexatious and frivolous claim.

As usual you missed the point by a mile. Nothing to do with winning in court. Have a go at trying to figure out what the actual intention is. Here is the clue - the payback is already in the pocket for the cost of the outlay and the angst.
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