Chilli Burgers and a pointless argument


Having lunch with a mate who I like to wind up and takes the bait very easily.

He orders a chilli burger. Sitting having a beer waiting and then the waitress brings our food.

He has a normal burger in a bun with a spoonful of chilli poured over it.

I say to him. That's not a chilli burger, she's given you the wrong thing.

He says no I've had it in here before and it was the same thing.

I say. No that's a burger with chilli poured over it. A chilli burger is made from chilli con carne made into a burger shape. The menu said chilli burger and they've just given you a normal burger with chilli poured over it. That's shocking!

He thinks about it and after a min he says you're right and calls the waitress over.

Q 5 mins of discussion between him, the waitress and the manager about what and what is not a chilli burger. In the meantime I'm sitting eating my lunch unable to look at any of them for laughing and tears streaming down my face. When they walk away my mate see's my face and just say's "you pr*ck"


I am right though. A burger with chilli poured over is not a chilli burger



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How would you describe a doughnut that has been coated in cinnamon-flavoured sugar?! Ha! I have you now ... :becool:


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So by your weird logic Greedo should a cheeseburger be made from Cheese ?


It's like Deja Vu :becool:

I could have swore I heard all this earlier between my mate, a waitress and a manager while I giggled away :smile:


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Your a cruel man Greedo :becool:
Should a finger bun be made from fingers? and what about hotdogs?
Mark_Robson said:
No doubt spotted dick is out?
Do you remember the story about some school or other that had to re-name it "Spotted Richard" or whatever. PC gone maaaaaadddd!

Actually, I think I'll pass up the Spotted Richard* too! xx(xx(:smile::becool:

*(rhyming slang!)
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