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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by redjedi, 4 Apr 2008.

  1. redjedi

    redjedi Über Member


    I'm moving house this weekend, and I'm trying to work out my new route to work.

    I'm travelling from Brentford to Willesden.

    The only obvious routes I can find, take me over Chiswick roundabout, and I'm not sure I want to compete with the cages coming off and going onto the M4.

    This is the route I have worked out so far to avoid the RBT

    Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to avoid this part, or is it OK to cycle around?

    Any help on the rest of the route is also quite welcome (eg Shepherds Bush) ;)

  2. tdr1nka

    tdr1nka Taking the biscuit

    I have cycled the Chiswick RAB in the past but then not in rush hour traffic, maybe you can cut across it somewhere north?
    As for Shepherds Bush, you should have no worries but note that as you make the left turn onto the west end of the green you need to aim straight for the middle of the 3 junctions ahead it also includes a cycle lane. This is the only junction for Wood Lane.
    On this edge of Shepherds Bush Green just be on the look out for cars coming up behind you from the right wanting to go left onto the Uxbridge Rd.
  3. Chiefwiggum

    Chiefwiggum New Member

    Walton on Thames
  4. Hi redjedi, I ride from Feltham to Kentish Town and I use a lot of your route.
    From Brentford it is a straightforward run to where you need to go.
    The roads have been resurfaced on the run up to Kew Bridge so it is even nicer!:biggrin:
    The Roundabout is straightforward.
    Bus lane until the roundabout lights. A decent 'advance position' to watch for light changes and give you a few seconds extra as the car drivers behind can't see it...middle lane - lights are usually in your favour and this takes you to the left hand lane for entry into Chiswick High Road. (There happens to be an Evans on this stretch 8am - 8pm - just in case) (and a Bikehut ;) ) There are plenty of bumpitty bump bits on this road - watch out for sudden dips and slippy drain covers galore - but bus lane rules and you are well provided for - easy, speedy run.
    I usually turn off at Acton Lane and trail round to join Goldhawk Road and thence to Shepherds Bush, Notting Hill etc etc but you presumably will head straight up to Scrubs Lane.
    Try the roundabout at a quiet time perhaps - but it really isn't a problem - even in the rush hour, in the dark, with one eye closed, with a broken toe, and no gloves etc etc...:biggrin:

    Easy peasy.
    PM me if you want any more detail - I don't know much but if it helps then.
    One added bonus is that you will, from time to time, be able to sweep across Kew Bridge to Richmond Park and do a few laps before din dins!
  5. Origamist

    Origamist Guru

    This was on my old commute. Apertif's advice is sound. The congestion and traffic lights make the roundabout easier than it appears. That said, watch out for vehicles in the morning wanting to exit left (Gunnersbury Avenue) when you are going up Chiswisk HR.
  6. Evilcat

    Evilcat Senior Member

    It's also worth pointing out that there are marked toucan crossings on the Chiswcik rbt and paths across the middle (under the M4) which are sometimes worth using when the traffic is moving quickly. When I'm coming from Kew Bridge into Chiswick I'll normally cross at the lights: with a bit of decent timing you won't even have to stop.

    Going west towards Kew/Brentford the best route is down Wellesley road (do a quick left then right at the mini-RBT after the flyover if you want to avoid some traffic lights) although the route to Brentford means you'll need to get quickly into the right hand lane before the Kew Bridge lights.

  7. yorkshiregoth

    yorkshiregoth Master of all he surveys

    Whenever Kew Bridge is busy, then the traffic is quite often queueing all the way back to the roundabout and cars that are too impatient to join the queue try and cut in at the last minute end up blocking more lanes. Having said that I use it everyday on my commute although I join on to the A4 towards Heathrow/Hounslow. I take primary position whilst going round and have never had any problems.
  8. That's true - from Chiswick High Road I often turn left at the green (traffic lights here) by the church (Heathfield Terrace) and follow the road ahead to rejoin the race track Chiswick High Road on the approach to Kew Bridge. Plenty of room to manouvre on the return leg - just try and hold the lane to the right of the flow of traffic as most people are trying to squeeze themselves over Kew Bridge. Primary position here doesn't hurt anyone in a vehicle - they can go nowhere. Plenty of 'non indicators' who need a gentle reminder of your presence :ohmy: You will find that the A315 turn is decent...and then it is back on the flat roads! :tongue:
  9. OP

    redjedi Über Member

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I'll probably bottle it the first couple of times over the roundabout, and end up walking that bit. :ohmy:

    If it isn't SNOWING :tongue: on sunday, I may take a little run down there and have a good look.
  10. Evilcat

    Evilcat Senior Member

    Just come off onto the pavement at the lights, over the toucan crossing and then along the paths through the middle; you can cycle as it's all shared use paths.

  11. As said before, the lights around Chiswick roundabout do calm things down a bit so it shouldn't be too daunting. You can also use the Wellesley road option when heading into town if you want things a tad quieter.
  12. And I forgot to add - building on what EvilCat (can't be that evil - surely?;))
    as you pass the lights at Kew Bridge, take the right hand lane and after about 100 metres there is a bike opening which enables you to take Wellesley Road on your inbound journey too...I did do this to start with - for the 'peace and quiet' - but it just meant more stop/start and there is plenty of that already!
  13. zimzum42

    zimzum42 Legendary Member

    Just ride round it, it's fun......
  14. OP

    redjedi Über Member

    Morning. Thanks everyone.

    I did just that this morning, which gave me chance to see which lane to be in and the pattern of the lights.
    Tomorrow I will propably stick to the road, as it didn't look too bad.

    Ending up riding through Ravens court park, as I had taken a wrong turning, but quite a nice ride in, except for the long steep hill at the end.

    Looking forward to the ride home, especially the long downhill bit at the start :sad:
  15. Chiswick roundabout always seems to “work” ok when ever I use it (admittedly in a car far more often than on two wheels I’m afraid). Lots of RLJ motorists by the way. You’ll get used to it on day 2!
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